Sunday, June 25, 2017

Happy Birthday, Lorelai

June 23, 2017 my little Granddaughter, Lorelai was born.  She is beautiful as is her sister Adeline.  Here she is with the Landreth family, Adam (Dad), Adeline,  Ellen (Momma) and Lorelai.  Could it get any better than this?
Happy Birthday, Lorelai Hope, and welcome to the family. We love you bunches! 
Today is also Baby Shower day at my church and I made three new baby quilts for the occasion:


 And here is my first completed Jack's Chain block.  It has one nine-patch from each month, January through June in the RSC Challenge. 

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Friday, June 16, 2017

Airplane Quilt - "Which Way is North?"

I need to make a baby quilt for a boy born this year in our church.  I have been making the new babies for the last couple years a baby quilt, but in the two prior years, there were only 3 new babies.  This year we have 6 ! This will be my sixth quilt to make - 4 girls and 2 boys!

I wanted to do something fun and saw an airplane quilt on someone's facebook page and thought that would be fun.  I used EQ7 to design my own quilt, which is quite different from the one I saw on facebook, where all the planes were flying in rows and were the same color.  Mine is a little more haphazard.

A couple friends and I have been trying to name this quilt today, and so far my favorite is "Which Way is North". I am open to any other suggestions if you would like to make one.

These are the plane fabrics I have chosen.  A variety of primary colors.  Each one will be used once as the body of the plane and once as the propeller, wing and tail.

These fabrics will also be used for the connection blocks.
And here is my first plane. 

This is so much fun and a nice break from the Bali Wedding Star which is rather intense to make.

I am using the freezer paper - foundation-less - paper piecing technique to make the airplane blocks.

I hope the new baby boy will enjoy this quilt as much as I am enjoying making it.


Thursday, June 15, 2017

Bali Wedding Star - ARCs completed

Yea, finished all the arcs tonight for the Bali Wedding Star.  I think they are so pretty, look like feathers. I had fun just playing with different arrangements. 

Made 97 in all, some look almost perfect (emphasis on ALMOST) and others are a little more not-so-perfect, but I think they will all do fine in the quilt.

I had to lay out all the pieces on my design wall, as I was so anxious to see how the colors are going to look together.  

This is just a pinned up version as the papers are all on the back and it would not adhere to the wall. I am not sure I have it right, but this will at least give me an idea of how the colors play together.

I just love that shining star in the middle.  With the shiny silver in the grey and the sparkles in the white, it really does seem to glow.

I think the arcs look ok, but I am not happy with the center fabrics that will make up the 4-patch.  I am going to have to study some other quilts on line and see how they handled that center area. that dark blue/purple maybe ok, but the other is too red, I think. 

So happy I have made it this far.  Now the truly scary part....sewing the blocks together.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

RSC June 10

18 blocks made for June, 15 to go.  I find myself humming "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" these blocks.

Still enjoying these challenges as I get closer and closer to having enough to make a Jack's Chain quilt.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Bali Wedding Star - Question??

I have been working on completing the arcs for my Bali Wedding Star and they are finally done - 88 A arcs and 88 B arcs.  This has been quite a process, but I have enjoyed the paper piecing as well as working with the batiks.
The next step is the CDS units which make the outside edge of the block.  I am concerned as the patterns instructs you to use fabric glue to hold the paper to the fabric when paper piecing.  I have no experience with fabric glue, and am concerned that ironing over the glue will make it difficult to remove the paper and may even stain my fabric. 
Have any of you used the glue when paper piecing and if so, do you mind sharing with me the brand you used and if you had any problems with removing the paper or stain on the fabric?
This is my version of Block 14 in the Moda Blockhead Challenge. I added an extra corner to my block as I wanted to use a touch of the dark green that I am using in some of the other blocks, but it just made the block too dark when I used it in the entire corner.    This block was a fun one to make.  (The outer green "frame" is my cutting board.)
Happy Stitching!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Momma's Sewing Basket


My Mom had this big straw basket that she kept on the hearth beside her chair in the living room. It was not a fancy basket, just something she liked and used every day. In this basket there was always a handwork project  that she was working on, whether applique, embroidery, crochet, tatting and sometimes mending.  She might also have a puzzle book and pencil in there, she loved working logic puzzles and some Ludens cough drops. She kept the tv guide close by, she loved watching football and golf on tv, as well as Matlock, which I think she had to have seen every episode at least 5 times.

Momma's hands were never idle, and her basket was never empty.

When Momma passed, I brought her basket home with me, and began using it to hold some of my handwork.  I have found it makes the perfect basket to take on road trips as it holds my project, keeps things from falling on the car floor and can even hold my phone and snacks for the road trip. I love this basket.  

Today my husband and I went on a little road trip and I sat there with her basket on my lap, working on  my project and realized how much more this basket holds. It holds treasured memories of a wonderful Momma who taught me so much.  Thank you, Momma.

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - look hard in my basket and you will see some yellow 9-patches.  The color for June is Yellow.  I love yellow - what's not to love, yellow makes me happy!!!!

Here are my yellow fabrics for June.  I am looking forward to making each little 9-patch with these happy fabrics.

Block 13 of the Moda Blockhead Challenge. I decided to add a little embroidery in the center as it looked so plain.

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