Friday, February 14, 2014

Patchwork of the Crosses - Fabric Grid

Nothing like three days off work and being snow bound in the house to give you time to sew. I am enjoying these days, doing a lot of hand sewing, reading, napping and watching movies. Is this what retirement is like?

I have just about finished the PotC blocks that I precut, and need to cut out some more. It is a little overwhelming to try to pick out fabrics unless you can see the ones you have already used and how you used then. I am not trying to only use a fabric once, but I would like to only use it once in the same place on a block.

So I came up with this grid and it helps tremendously. I have 17 blocks done now, two more to finish and then I start cutting out again. Using this grid I can see at a glance what fabrics I used where. The blank spots are there because I don't have any of that fabric left..not even enough to cut a 3/4 inch square. That is what happens when you throw away the small scraps of fabric.

If you are making one of these quilts and would like the grid, I will be happy to send it to you. It's on an excel spreadsheet, but I can change to .pdf if you do not have excel. It's pretty simple to make one in excel if you choose to make your own.

I number the blocks as I make them...not the order they will be in the quilt. Column 2 is the center or cross block, and then the rows that surround the center as row 2,3 & 4. My final column is for my block border, which in my quilt I am using a different shirting around each block. The little squares of fabric are 3/4 inch cuts.

I must admit to enjoying this little organization project. I do love organizing things and perfect little task for a snowy day.

I have pictures of my recently finished blocks at end of this post.

I have started quilting on the Fancy Flowers wall hanging from the McCalls Quilt Along.

Using for the background a template of hexies, which looks like chicken wire to me. Something different from the usual cross hatch that I often do.

Hand quilting is so relaxing for me and I am trying hard this time to keep my stitches small and consistent.

Thanks for stopping by and if you are I the Southeast, I hope you are enjoying the "historic" snow storm as much as I am. Now to refill the coffee cup and do a little handwork :)

Don't forget to check out my finished blocks at the bottom.