Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer Colds - YUCK

Don't ya just hate a summer cold? Seems like they go on forever. I have been battling this one for almost two weeks now, and the only good thing I can say about it is that I am home bound and able to get some sewing done - in between sneezing, coughing, complaining......

I took s class in New York Beauty quilts by Jane Godshall, and it was so much fun, which just happened to be the day I also started getting sick. Jane's method uses paper foundation pieces but you do not sew on the paper, therefore no time wasted pulling paper off your block, now I like that. I am making a "mantle wall hanging" to go over my fireplace after Christmas and did the design I wanted in EQ. This is the version I opted for, but I have several others drawn up, so this could change. I am using all batiks , but I need some sparkle!

These are the blocks I have made so far. The pucture is a little dark, but no flash on my iPad so not sure how to lighten them up unless I go outside, but it is pretty dreary out there too. They are a little wonky in size but Jane told us not to square them up. I just hope they are going to go together ok.

As Mary Fons would say, I got some "scooching" to do.



I have also been quilting on my Gifts of Grace quilt. I am using Masking tape to mark the grids on the appliqué blocks. I have one more appliqué block to do and then I can start the background.

Hallmark movies, BBC shows on DVD, Candy Crush, Nelson Demille novel "The Lion" and hand quilting fill my days and evenings.

I found another use for the masking tape. I use the stab method of quilting and when I pull the thread through, I use the side of my little finger rather than pulling with the needle. While this keeps from weaking the thread, it was wearing a painful groove in my

A wrap of masking tape saves the day!

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Tori, Songbird

Please meet my new sweet granddaughter, Tori Elizabeth. She is a doll baby for sure. Sitting beside her with a protective hand around her is Toby, who is no longer the baby of the family. He seemed so little before Tori came along, and now, at 17 months, he looks the part of big brother. Tori will be well watched over with two big brothers, Timothy and Toby, and two big sisters, Tess and Taralyn. Of course there is Mom and Dad as well.

Tori's other grandmother is Japanese and told me that Tori means songbird in Japanese. I think that is so special and to this Granny her strong, healthy voice was sweet music.

I am in Washington at a business conference and sure wish I was at home holding this little one!

I have finished another Pathwork of Crosses block. I believe this makes 5, but I am losing count.

This one has not been pressed yet. The hotel room comes with an ironing board, but no iron. The ironing board does make for a good sewing table though .

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