Sunday, October 13, 2013

Northern Lights

I have finished the piecing of my mantel wall hanging and now just need to get it quilted and bound in time to hang it over the mantel in January. Hopefully it will add some color to a house that appears so drap after all the Christmas decorations are packed away. I named it Northern Lights for no reason other than that is what popped into my brain when I looked at this picture and wanted to put a title to this post.

I am struggling on a quilting pattern. I want to do quilt this on the machine and therefore have to keep it fairly simple, but then I don't think this quilt needs anything very complex as the colors and the pattern are rather complex enough. Maybe complex is not the right word, but hopefully you know what I mean.

Any suggestions?


Here is a picture of some flowers on my deck. I have been reading a few sites that talk about getting color inspirations for quilts from pictures and I like the red, yellow, dark green, brown and splash of bright blue in this picture. I think the would make a lovely quilt. Maybe even with a white background. That brick red paint on the steps was painted this summer, on our front porch as well as the deck and I am very interested in how it sets off other colors.

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