Wednesday, April 8, 2020

HQ Day 26

Tuesday - just another day at home making masks, cleaning out a file cabinet I have meaning to do for years, Adeline brought a lizard for me to see and listening to the bad news on tv.  Sounds like NY may be on the downside of the "curve" which is good news...SC projected not to reach the top of the curve until later on this month.  God is good - gives me peace in the midst of this storm.

Monday, April 6, 2020

HQ Day 25 - Happy Moments

Today I did not do anything new in my sewing room - prepping more masks.  I like to think of the people who might wear these masks and say a little prayer as i am making them.  Sometimes its even shedding a few tears, which was the way today started as I was watching the Today Show and they showed so many touching things people were doing for each other, and also the stories of some of the people that did not survive the virus. 

Surprise visit from my daughter, her husband and 4 of her 6 children this morning - right at the time my heart needed a pick-me-up. The little ones decided to do some sidewalk chalk art on our driveway and that just makes me smile to see their childhood expressed happily in their art. My daughter insisted that the kid would stay in the yard not to expose my husband and me to anything they might have and she sat on the porch steps.  Not sure I will ever get used to this way of living and pray that it never comes to this again.

After they left, I sat on the porch and counted my blessings.  In a flower bed that borders the front porch, I have planted iris bulbs that were my originally planted by my father all around his yard.  He loved the irises and had numerous beds.  They are really blooming and "showing off" this year and add a lot of beauty to these days.

HQ Day 24 - Sherbet Fizz Cushion

A day late, but for good reason.  I had a good day yesterday.  Attended church via internet  - good singing, good message.  My son, his wife and three grandsons all came by for a visit.  We sat on the porch keeping our distance (sigh, so wanted to hug them all) and had a very nice visit.  In the afternoon I started working on a new project (not like I needed to start another.)

I recently signed up for an on-line workshop being offered by Katrina Hadjimichael, the designer who designed the Pemberley quilt I am working on. She is offering workshops each week for 4 weeks.  The cost was only $27.50 in US dollars but this could vary as she charging $40 Australian dollars and it depends on the conversion rate.   The workshop has the pattern that you download and videos by Katrina that you can watch as she shows how to make the project.  I was thrilled when I saw this as I have always wanted to take one of her workshops, but would have to travel to England or Australia to do so.  If you are interested, check out her website:

Here is a picture I pulled from her website of the Month 1 workshops:

The first workshop was for a cushion, Sherbet-Fizz.  Here is what mine looks like so far. It really is square, but I took the picture at an angle. You put rickrack on the seams connecting the braid strips, but I don't have any rickrack, so have ordered on-line.  I wish I could go to Hobby Lobby or Joann's and pick up some as I am eager to get it done, but they are not open. I used 29 different fabrics, and there is only one strip of each fabric in the braid strips - but still managed to have some of the same fabric next to each other when I joined the braids.    Hope to get my rick rack soon so I can finish this one.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

HQ Days 22 & 23 - Coronaville catching up

Well I spent most of yesterday making the face masks, both to donate and to give to family.  By the time I got that done, I just kind of zoned out.

Today I woke up from a good night's rest.  This morning I have caught up on my Coronaville blocks. I had to cut more fabric as I originally cut for 62 blocks thinking that would be plenty, but think I need more the way things are going.  I am sorting blocks on my design wall in groups of 7 to represent the weeks, but have moved to putting two weeks worth on one line with a break between.  So here are the first 23 blocks.  It sure feels like its been longer than 3 weeks since this all started.

I am enjoying making them.  I drew out a paper piecing pattern in EQ.  Its a fairly simple block, but I am not all that great at precise piecing, so I do like paper piecing.  I am using the freezer paper method which saves from having to rip that paper off.  I was able to use my first paper pattern for 20 blocks, before the wax quit adherring because of all the lint stuck to the pattern.  I actually sewed on the lines a couple of times which left holes in the pattern - but hey it still worked.
I have so much stuff all over my cutting area from working on masks, temperature quilt, Coronaville, Lone Star,  mail and whatever else I set down.  I have got to take some time to  neaten up today as I don't work well in clutter.  First thing was to get my Coronaville under control.   I like to only have one project out at a time. 

So here is my Coronaville workstuff, now in a box under my cutting table.  I got those fabric markers at Tuesday's Morning and am enjoying using them on this project.
Now...get a shower, and get busy cleaning out that closet that I keep putting off.  Then I will come back here and clean up a little more - but I enjoy cleaning up in my sewing room :)

Thursday, April 2, 2020

HQ Day 21 - A beautiful day

I spent most of today working on face masks and felt the need to walk away for a bit.  It has been a beautiful day and I decided to get some exercise and take a walk.  Walking I noticed everything so green, flowers blooming, birds singing and got a renewal of hope for tomorrow and the love of a faithful God.  I don't know where we are headed in this country and around the world for that matter, but I see so many people looking to God and calling on his help publically,  Our leaders, entertainers, news people.  I see neighbor helping neighbor, wealthy giving generously to help the less fortunate, families being "forced" to spend time together and hopfully become closer.

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven. 2 Chronicles 7:14

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

HQ Day 20 - Pemberley

Today is the first day of April and usually this would be a day of April's Fools jokes.  None this year, and after last night's and today's news, just not much in the mood for jokes.  But I do appreciate some bright points in the day, like my sweet Adeline and Lorelai bringing me flowers from the yard as well as a big rock.  Adeline seems to be fascinated with rocks these days, and she will bring me one or two two or a whole jar full every day or so.  She is so proud and I am so touched at these little gifts.

I did a little quilting, starting on the 3rd corner of my Pemberley.  I have been keeping a log of time spent quilting, and for the months November through February I had logged in 128 hours, 49 minutes.  For March, I logged in 110 hours, 16 min for a total of 239 hours, 5 min.  

Handquilting is relaxing to me, almost an escape from the cares of the day.  I am thankful for having my quilting hobby to keep my mind occupied and also it has provided me a means of helping a little during this time making face masks.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

HQ Day 19 - Coronaville

Today I have been working on two projects - the Lone Star and Coronaville. 

The Lone Star was cutting out the squares for the corners and the triangles between the points.  This was kinda difficult to figure out and then to cut. The corners had to be 20" and the triangles were cut from one 28" square.  Well its done, and now to try to get the quilt top assembled without puckering.

My Coronaville is actually fun to make, and is that a good thing since this is such a terrible time?  I even thought of making all the houses Black and Grey - but then there are many good things happening out there by our neighbors. Working on the blocks does brighten my days.  I have made 10 blocks so far, but today is Day 19 so I am still behind. 

I started by going through my stash and picking out 7 fabrics from each color tub - 9 colors. I then cut out enough of the pieces from each fabric to make an entire block and then sorted the pieces.  I am doing the freezer paper piecing method so the blocks go together quickly and precisely - which i am not that great at precise piecing.  I am putting them on my design wall in groups of 7 -just a way of seeing the number of weeks.  The block are numbered on the door.

I found that when I missed a couple of days, I got confused on exactly what house number is should be.  Of course I can look at the last house and see what number it is - but the problem is remembering which day that was for.  So I made a chart.  I know I started on Friday 13th in March - that was my first day of staying home.  So I made a list of the house numbers and wrote the date beside each one. Then as I make the houses, I cross it off.   I do have trouble remembering what day of the week it is - much less trying to remember what house number it should be.

Please remember all those who are putting themselves at risk just for us - health care workers, nurses, doctors, police officers, fire fighters, truck drivers bringing us food and supplies, grocery store workers, and those keeping the lights on, water running, picking up the garbage, etc.  Stay home and help keep these folks safe too.