Saturday, October 3, 2015


On our recent trip thru New England, I came across a quilt shop in Maine called Bolt. I believe it was in Cornish, Me. I thought these would be cute for a baby quilt for my granddaughter on the way due in February. The near solids are Fairy Frost. The prints are Timeless Treasures, Babes in Farmland. There is one more print with little chicks and then a border print. I have ordered more, hopefully enough. Saw the cutest quilt on Facebook, was simply squares with circles appliqu├ęd. I thought I saved a picture of the quilt and the lady that made it, but can't find it now.

So that is the plan, a baby quilt using fairy frost for the background and these darling prints for the circles. Plan to make the background 8" squares and the circles 6".

Also made a stop at Keepsake Quilting in Center Harbor, New Hampshire.

I will be going to White Oak in a couple of weeks for the Quilters of SC Piecable Retreat ad taking a class being taught by Linda Knutson titled "The Low Country Sampler" that involves applique, English Paper Piecing and machine piecing. I am looking forward to the class, learning new techniques and being around women who love quilting as much as me.

While at Keepsake Quilting, I purchased the fabric for the project. Got it all washed and pressed today and so happy with my choices. Debating on the bottom two fabrics on the left for the outer border.

Don't you just love having new fabric to play with?

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Chattanooga AQSQuilt Week

This was my favorite quilt at the show this week in Chattanooga. It did not take a ribbon, but believe me, it is a stellar quilt. I thought I had gotten a close up of the name and maker, but it was blurry.

At first look, I did not notice that this is a Patchwork of the Crosses quilt. I have a close up of the corner blocks below and that is when I saw the POTC blocks.

The quilt layout is amazing! I am writing this in the truck as we speed thru Ohio, so I can't get to my show book to look up the quilter,s names, but I will do that tonight and add them to these two pictures.

My class was a lot of fun and I had a great group of ladies to spend the day with. They all got a lot done on their project and were able to sew a few "panes" into their Cathedral Window before they left for the day. The show was outstanding.

One final picture for is your friend's quilt on display:

Thanks for stopping by, be back later with more pictures from the show.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Chattanooga AQS Quilt Week

Yea, the time has come to head for Chattanooga and the AQS Quilt Week. I am looking forward to meeting the quilters in my class, and as always when I teach a little anxious hoping I will have packed everything I need and be able to teach so that everyone comes away having learned a new skill.

Quilters are great and each class leads to new friends and inspiration.

We left yesterday morning and are visiting with our dear friends Ron and Linda in Maryville, Tn. Enjoyed a game of Mexican Dominos last night, which I won by just a few points in the last round.




I did get in a little hand quilting before we left Rock Hill. It's so relaxing in the morning to sit in my comfy chair with a good cup of coffee and stitch on this quilt. I was tempted to bring it with me.

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Patchwork of the Crosses update

Two rows completed with borders.
I have all the blocks made and have decided to add the borders as I go. Border is English Paper Pieced as well, and I am loving the way everything "fits" and lays flat, not always the case with my machine piecing. Who am I kidding, it's seldom the case with my machine piecing, unless it's machine paper fundation piecing.
I am pleased with the red sashing, red is becoming my new neutral. The block borders are scrappy shirtings.
This is a long shot across my design wall, and below is a close up. The pesty white like is the pull cord for my light that I keep forgetting to pin out of the way.

I have started the process of hand quilting another EPP project that I have been putting off quilting until retirement. Retirement is here and time at last to finish this quilt.
Doing the Baptist Fan pattern and for once tracing the pattern on to the top before basting the sandwich together. This was one of my Mom's favorite patterns to hand quilt. She used a cardboard strip she cut holes in and a pencil to mark her fans, and quilted on a quilt frame that hung from the ceiling in her living room. She let me quilt on a few of her quilts with her, but I have a feeling she ripped out my stitches when I left. I do remember her look when I called it a Baptist Fan, no she would say. It's a fan pattern, not a Baptist Fan, hahaha. Her faith background was Catholic and Methodist - no way would she do a Baptist anything. Didn't help matters that I am a Baptist!
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Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Aren't grandkids just the best blessings!. Thought I would share a couple pictures of my daughter's children.

Presenting Titus on his one month birthday. The quilt is a quilt I made him. Took the last stitch on the binding the night he was born. It is English Paper-pieced tumbling blocks.

And here Titus is with his siblings. Back row is Toby, Taralyn and Timothy. Front row is Tess, Titus and Tori. They all love and are so proud and caring of their new baby brother.

My son's sons at the SC State museum. We took them on a day outing and had a great time. The museum has a lot to offer and well worth the visit. They are, from left to right, Levi, Eli and Malachi.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Circus Stars

My long awaited September issue of AQ magazine has arrived! My quilt, Circus Stars, is in the magazine and will also be in the November issue as part 2. I was thrilled when they said they wanted to publish the quilt, but just couldn't believe it was real until the magazine arrived in the mail today. I can't stop smiling :)

Friday, July 3, 2015

It all started with a little wooden box!

I just love this little wooden box. Found it at Hobby Lobby and with a 40% off coupon, could not resist. Only problem, I wanted to use it in my kitchen and my kitchen has dark green/blue paint, dark gold countertops and red and gold cushion covers on the chairs. It just did not fit in, plus it did not fit in my small bookcase in my kitchen.

So my sweet husband offered to make me another bookcase, and paint it white to match the cabinets.

So.....I began dreaming of a kitchen makeover. Not new appliances mind you, just new paint and countertops to match my little wooden box.

My husband, son-in-law and daughter got the kitchen painted and most of the woodwork, while I went on a quilt retreat for a couple of days :). I finished up some of the woodwork when I got home.

The new bookcase was hung an I am so pleased. The little wooden box is just right for some of my miscellaneous cook books. The basket in the bottom right corner was made by my mom and holds some of her cookbooks, which I treasure.


This was one of her favorites and well worn from use. She has little hand written notes on all her books about how she might have changed the recipe.






Next problem was the kitchen chairs which no longer matched anything in the kitchen.

I found this fabric at Hancock Fabrics and recovered all four kitchen chairs, with the help of my wonderful husband. This makeover turned out to be a lot of work for him.



This is the back of my kitchen and used to be a laundry room with washer dryer and freezer. Not sure how I ever managed without this counter and cabinet space.


And now for where all this is leading....I finished this UFO this morning to use as a table topper in my kitchen. I made the top two years ago at a quilt retreat and never finished it as it simply did not match anything in my house.

The colors are just right, I must have had very good foresight In picking out the fabric two years ago :)

The little plaque below has hung in my kitchen for many years. And I am so very thankful for my husband, children, home and now a new bright kitchen.

I am also thankful for all my blogging friends. Thank you for stopping by, and what "little wooden box" have you found lately that inspired you?