Thursday, August 2, 2018

Happy Quilt Progress

 This is my progress as of this morning when I took these pictures.  Still have one more applique row with butterflies, and checker board separator row and a row of houses to go. 

Having a lot of fun with this one and loving working with these bright happy colors.

Since  am doing this Quilt-As-You-Go, I can use a different bright color fabric for the backing on each row.  How fun is that!!!!  I am using an orange sashing to connect these rows on the back ad just a white on the front.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018


I spent this afternoon working on my Pemberley quilt.  This is just the center oval, and today I completed the brown edge around this center oval.  I am trying to work at least once a week on this project, which is rather overwhelming if you look at the entire quilt. 

This is a picture I pulled off the internet of the entire quilt, so you can see I just have completed that tiny little oval in the center, but progress is always good.

I have also started hand quilting my Star of Bethlehem quilt.  This one is going to take awhile as I am doing it in a regular stitch with #40 YLI hand quilting thread.  But then I am not in any hurry.  I ordered some corner stencils that I am going to use to set off the blocks - working on one of those now.  Will have a picture soon.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Jack's Chain - QUILTED!

Just finished hand quilting my Jack's Chain Quilt.  I am so excited to have this done.  The binding is made and ready to sew on as soon as I get the quilt trimmed and squared.  I took the first stitch in the quilting on June 20, and now, just one month later, it is quilted.  I think that must be a new record for me.  Doing big stitch with #8 perle cotton sure sped up the process and I am pleased with the look.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Progress on the Turevon BOM

May - Celebration
So far I have been able to keep up with the Block of the Month my guild is sponsoring - blocks designed by one of our guild members.  I am twilling the blocks along with a little back stitching to just add a little dimension to the blocks.  Its also easier to backstitch the smaller design areas.

Seven blocks done, five to go!
June - Peacocks

July - Beach Party

January through July Blocks

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Little English Paper Piecing Tote bag

Yesterday was such a beautiful day.  My husband and I decided to take a ride in the mountains and visit one of our favorite antique stores in Hudson, NC.

 I found this sweet little tapestry bag, measures around 5" x 6".  I think it is just perfect for toting an English Paper Project or embroidery project  to work on at a friends house or anywhere else that I just need to take a small project.  It is lined in satin, and just too irresistible to. 

I have been spending most of my available time quilting on the Jack's Chain quilt.  Doing big stitch with #8 perle cotton means quilting is going a little quicker than my usual hand quilting, but still taking awhile.  I am trying to get the quilt completed in time to enter in my guild's quilt show in September, which means having it ready to submit Mid-August for judging.

This morning I sat on the porch for about 5 hours, enjoying another beautiful day watching the birds at the feeders, listening to an audible book (The Great Alone) and quilting. Such a peaceful start to a day.

I have also started piecing a baby quilt for someone at my church.  Unfortunately  I have had to set it aside until I can get the Jack's Chain finished.  All I have to do is add the borders, and then machine quilt it.

Also managed to fit in a little work on my Pemberley quilt - making these sweet hexagon flowers with 1/2"hexagons. I have a couple more to make and I can start appliquéing them to quilt center. 

So many fun things to work on - and so little time to do it.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Quilting Jack's Chain Quilt

Hooray, the Jack's Chain is in the hoop!   I debated between machine and hand quilting, and hand quilting won out.  Primarily because my left wrist and hand are still pretty weak from the break, and I don't think I could tolerate the twisting and turning and pulling this pattern would require on my machine. Besides, since the quilt is entirely pieced by hand, it seems fitting to hand quilt it as well.  I am doing big stitch quilting with #8 Perle cotton and thoroughly enjoying the process.
Going to the West Virginia State Quilt Festival tomorrow in Summersville, WV.  Excited about taking a landscape quilt class from Judy Lily and also seeing all the beautiful West Virginia quilts.
Crossed over the New River Gorge Bridge this afternoon - what a beautiful site.  This is a picture of the gorge I took from the visitor's center.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Jacks Chain -Ooooops


 Got up at 4:15 this morning in order to watch the Royal Wedding coverage which started at 4:30.    What better handwork to do while watching the Royal Wedding than some English Paper Piecing?

Here is my Jack'[s Chain top so far, just needing the final border rows.

I pieced the four corner blocks this morning and actually got one of the corners sewn on.  They are kind of odd shaped at this point and was a puzzle to add to the corner.
Corner block sewn on

So the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are now married, and I take my quilt to the guest room to admire my work of the morning.

Oooooops, I had sewn the corner to the side, lol, completely missing the corner.  Plus I already pulled out the papers. 

Oh well, it can be fixed, but daggum (been watching too much Tomater Tales with my grandson) I don't like ripping out EPP!

To make sure this does not happen again, and with me it very well could. I put a clip on each of the corners.

And while I am sharing my goofs, here is Block 1 of a new quilt I am working on.  The block is actually a green print, but the photo shows up here as yellow for some odd reason.  I tried to edit and make it green, but then the back ground turned a green as well.

Anyway this block went together so well, that I made the mistake of telling my friends how forgiving this block is as it is not so noticeable when the points don't exactly line up.


Here is block #2 - my grey block.  Forget what I said about goofs not showing up....having to eat my words and rip my stitches on this one.

Thanks for stopping by,