Saturday, August 12, 2017

RSC - August blocks

My fabric choice for August in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is to use the fabric left over from making my Star of Bethlehem Quilt. 

The challenge calls for pastel neutrals, and with my white background I am using for the Jack's Chain quilt, light neutrals will not work.  Many of these fabrics are pastels though, and I love love love this fabric, so am enjoying making the pretty little nine patches.  The fabric is Forever Love by Eleanor Burns.

Here's my work tray, as I like to call it.  It has everything I need, plus there is storage under the tray for keeping finished blocks and blocks in process.
I also completed block 23 of the Moda Blockhead Challenge.

I put all the blocks up on my design wall and will get a good picture when it is a little brighter outside and my room has more daylight.  Hopefully post a picture soon of all I have put together.

I have also worked this week on my Bali Wedding Star, starting to put the top together.  Its fun to see the top taking shape rather than just a stack of blocks.  Once again, I hope to get a picture later on today  and will post soon on this progress.

So many projects stand ready for me to work on, but hours and days just seem to slip away.  I am so thankful though that I am able to retire and spend time with my family and friends, as well as work on my projects.  Life is good, thank you Lord.


Monday, August 7, 2017

New Beginning - 15 Degree Quilt

So this is what happens when you purchase fabric for a future quilt, and you just have to see how one of the blocks will make up.  After attending a workshop on making this block using a 15 degree ruler, and being in awe of the instructor's quilt, I knew I had to make one...but only after I finished the Bali Wedding Star quilt!

Then I made the mistake of going with a friend to pick out fabric for a birthday gift for another friend and spotted this floral print (Hobby Lobby) that I "had to have".  I am sure many of you know what I mean. It reminds me of wall paper from days gone by. Then of course, I wanted to go ahead and get coordinating fabric, after all, it might all be gone in a week or so.  
 Now that I had all the material, washed and ready to go....I simply had to make a block. 
The floral will be used in every block, but the blue and yellow will be rotated with a pink. And so it goes - another UFO is born!
Moda Blockhead Block 22: 
Thanks for stopping back to the Bali Wedding Star.  After all, I am taking a class with Anita Bowen in September on the Galaxy Star - and yes, I have the fabric for that one and even have started on the "homework" for the class.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

August fabrics - RSC

In the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, the color for August is to be pastel neutrals.  That just does not go with my Jack's Chain quilt I have been putting together, and I was at a loss as to how to proceed. 
I have this collection of Forever Love fabric by Eleanor Burns that I have been using to make my Star of Bethlehem quilt, which I finished last month.  Hmmmm...have not used these fabrics in any of the other months, and I have lots of pieces left, and I just love them - so I decided to make August my Star of Bethlehem month.
I did not use everyone of these fabrics in my quilt, but I had purchased a 5" collection of all the fabrics in the line which I used to select which of the fabrics I would use.  Therefore, I had enough different fabrics to complete the month requirements, plus had a few that did not make it to the RSC.
I will enjoy working on the nine patches as I just love these fabrics
I also completed a couple more blocks in the Moda Blockhead challenge:

Block 21
Block 20

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Organizing Jack's Chain

I am writing this post for my record of how I organized this quilt project.  Please don't think me crazy - that is if you read through all this.

So I really like organizing my projects - keeps me on track and knowing what I am doing.  Do I go overboard - maybe, but then it works for me :)

Here is my schedule of blocks I need to make for the Jack's chain - the first page.  There are 46 whole blocks, and when you add the border blocks, you have a total of 86 block combinations requiring 350 nine patches and 12 half-nine patches

I am using Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC)to help me move along throughout the year and ensure I have a balance of color in the nine patches....each made with different fabrics.  The column is the block #, followed by the # of nine patches needed for that block.  Then there is column for each month in the RSC and I check which month's nine-patch is used in that block.  Still with me?

I keep my nine patches in baggies sorted by month.  I just love these little bags of nine - patches.

I have started assembling some of the Jack's Chains blocks - and have 10 under construction. Each is in their own little bag, which includes that large hexagon center, six connecting triangles (both EPP Prepped) and then the nine patches that go in that blocks.  I include a slip of paper that identifies the block number and what month's nine patches go on that block.  Once one is completed, I start another.

One partially completed Jack Chain block.
I try to complete all the nine patches for the month by the 17th of the month and then in the second half of the month I can start assembling the Jack's Chain blocks.   When I have all the nine patches added to the hexagon, I can remove the paper from the  hexagon and add the connection triangles to the nine patches, completing the block.

All the works in process fit nicely in my project box, ready to be taken on trips, visits with friends or guild meetings.

I taped a picture of the quilt to the top of my box as so many people tell me they don't know what a Jack's Chain quilt is - so I just show them the picture.

So funny...they are talking on TV about people with OCD - surely that is not ME!

Gotta go sew, thanks for stopping by,

Triangle Frenzy

This week I took a break from the Bali Wedding Star to just work on some fun projects.  I took a class on Monday on how to make this block using a 15 Degree ruler. 

The workshop was taught by Patti Cline and Cindy Page of Quilter's Gallery.

The block was so much fun to make, that I made four of them and turned them into a table runner. The runner is 60" long which is great for my dining table or buffet.


When I had the four completed, I discovered one was considerably bigger than the other three - at least 1 inch.  Now how did that happen?? It was pretty obvious too, as the edges of the "spokes" were right on the edge of the fabric, while the others were about half an inch in from the edge.

My solution was to add a white border around all the blocks and then square them up to 15 inches....worked good and it is actually difficult to tell which is the larger of the four. 

I also chose a simple linear quilting pattern, alternating between horizontal and vertical lines to hide the fact that the borders are different sizes.  All in all, I think it is ok.

From here, I moved to a 60 Degree triangle and made this cute table runner, using The Triangle Frenzy Hexagon pattern by Bunnie Cleland.  This was fun and easy to make. 

I am thinking of donating this to my guild for their auction, but am concerned about the black binding...not sure people will like that black.  But it was the only color I thought looked good with the fabric.

The backing is fabric with all over poppies that I just love.  I machine quilted it with a simple linear pattern following the pattern of the hexagon.

Also  with the 60 Degree ruler, I made a Christmas Tree Skirt.  Once again, not sure about that black binding for Christmas, but the greens and reds I tried just did not work for me.
So now, its back to the Bali Wedding Star - this week was productive and fun and not nearly as tense as that Bali quilt. 
Thanks for stopping by,

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Blue Four Patches - moving right along

Moving right along on the Rainbow scrap challenge.  Working on blue this month and only have 5 more to do and July patches will all be made.  Hoping to start putting together some Jack's Chain block this month as well. 

I broke my toe a couple weeks ago, and would think by now it would quit hurting.  But when I try to sew on my machine, seems like the little bit of pressure it takes to press the foot pedal inflames my foot.  This is not good.....I have a Bali Wedding Star to finish!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Star of Bethlehem Top Completed !

I finished the Star of Bethlehem quilt top this morning.  I can't count the number of times I rearranged these blocks.  The blues are actual two blue and two teal.  The darker pinks are also two different shades of pink.  No matter how I rearranged them, they ended up close - so just going to be satisfied with it as is.   Its a square quilt, which I normally do not make, so I can decide later which side is up.

 I am happy to have this done, now to figure out how to quilt it.  I am taking a machine quilting class in August, sure hope Linda Hungerford can give me some good ideas.

 Also finished blocks 18 and 19 of the Moda Blockhead 2017 challenge. 

Up to date - Yeah!!