Sunday, January 26, 2020

Pemberley - Round and round and round we go

Finally, after pondering for weeks over what to quilt in this 1 inch border, I  decided to just do little circles in a row. 

At first I tried drawing the circles with a white chalk pencil, but they just came out looking a little wonky, even though I was using a circle template.  I think it had something to do with the quilt being in a hoop and I had to press hard to see the white lines.

Then I remembered the circle stickers I had and surprisingly they were the same size as the circle I was trying to draw.  They don't stick all that well to fabric, so I also used small applique pins to hold them in place.  It works like a charm.

I have also attached a picture of the next border on this quilt, and as you can see it has small circles spread throughout the border.  This is what gave me the idea of using circles on the 1 inch border.  There is also another border that goes around the entire quilt, that is also 1 inch and I will use this technique there as well.

I have also attached a snapshot of the back.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Pemberley Quilting

Happy New Year to you all.  I got back to my hand quilting this morning after a little break, which I will explain below.
 I do enjoy hand quilting and find it so relaxing  Not sure how I will quilt that wavy border, but I have three of these corners to complete before I get there.  I would like to do a little something in the grey/green border on this block but having trouble deciding what to do there as well.  Its only an inch wide. During the months Nov - Dec, I quilted 61 hours, 38 minutes.

Hubs got me a fitbit Versa for Christmas and I am enjoying learning to use that.  I started a walking exercise program Jan.1, but that came to a rapid halt on Jan 3 - as I had a serious car accident.

A woman ran a red light and slammed into me.  She claims it was yellow, I know I saw red and I have an witness who gave a statement to the police that it was red.  Either way, my car was totaled.  I am pretty bruised up, but no serious injuries. That is something to be thankful for.  My car seat came unbolted to the frame and I was slung into the windshield and side window, even though the air bag blew up.  Also my knee was pushed into the dashboard, but like I said, no bone breaks or concussions.  Was at the hospital for about 8 hours while they ran tests, scans, xrays, etc.  There were three cars involved and everyone did not have any serious injuries, so very thanful for that.  I would like to start walking again, but going to have to wait until the swelling goes down on my knee and my chest.  A seat belt caused some bruising, plus I believe I also got slung into the steering wheel and I am bruised all down one side.

Monday, December 30, 2019

Big Boy Quilt for Titus

My grandson Titus received his big boy quilt for Christmas.  I gave it to him on Dec 20 at Granny's Christmas Party which is for all my grandkids.  His quilt it the Lotus pattern and the back features TowMater, his favorite character in the Cars Movie. 

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Seasonal Temperature Quilt

This month is just speeding by so fast.  Friday was my Granny's Christmas Party with the 12 grandkids - was so much fun.  Even had a surprise visit from Santa!  They got some Rudolph noses in their goodie bags as well.  Nice of them to humor me and pose for pictures, although for a couple is was a real struggle.

This morning I began my Seasonal Temperature Quilt here after known at STQ.  I decided to do mine based on the seasons rather than months.  Its going to be rail fence quilt, with each block having 4 strips - two seasonal strips, one low temp strip and one high temp strip.  Here is my first block along with the Winter banner block.  The orange is the high (50 degrees) and the dark grey is the low (32 degrees) for yesterday, Dec. 21

I drew this out in EQ just to get an idea of how it might look and to also determine what size the banner block should be in order to get a good size quilt.    I am making 4" rail fence block and the finished quilt size will be 70" x 90".
Got this picture this morning from my daughter of Titus with his Rudolph nose....seems he likes it so much he refuses to take it off, except to bathe and sleep.  Wonder if it will be hit at church today?  I gave him his big boy quilt yesterday but wouldn't you know, I forgot to get a picture of that.  Will have to post another time.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Pemberley quilting as of Nov 30

As I mentioned in prior post, I am keeping a log of the time I spend hand quilting on my Pemberley quilt.  I am already surprised how many hours I spent just since November 16.  So I thought I would start posting an update on the first of each month, recording how much I get done and the hours spent that month. This is what I accomplished November 16 - November 30; 28 1/4 hours.  The white area around the center oval has quilting completed for most of the white applique outlines.  I still have to cross hatch this area. I did not get a very good picture of the back, but will try to do  better next month.  I am please with the look of the quilting though as I think it has a kind of whole cloth look to it.  I am outlining all the applique and then using either vertical lines or cross hatching to fill in behind the applique.

I have also been doing some Christmas decorating.  I decided to use a quilt I made in 2008 as a bed cover in the guest room.  It is New York Beauty style blocks, and I designed the layout, machine paper pieced the blocks and machine quilted it and named it Christmas Beauty.   The quilt is queen size, but was not made to be a bed spread, and therefore did not have a big enough drape to cover the sheet.  Sooooooooooo….I added some white eyelet lace to the sheet to match the dust ruffle and then just laid the quilt to top of that.  (Well actually there is another quilt under the top quilt, but it is does not show up).  This is the first time I have  used the quilt since I made it. I have out of town company coming Tuesday and I hope she enjoys this quilt.

I finished the floral panel quilt in October and forgot to show a completed picture  on this blog - so here it is.  If you enlarge the quilt, you should be able to see the beading and chain stitching I added to the inner border.

Well, that's all for now.  Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed the photos.


Sunday, November 17, 2019

Pemberley - Hand quilting journey begins

Last night I began the long journey of hand quilting Pemberley. I used a little bit wider border than the designer, Katrina Hadjimichael, did on her quilt and my quilt top measured 90.5" x 99".  Its going to be a beautiful bed cover on my guest room bed someday.

 I should start keeping a time journal on how long it takes me to quilt it, as so often people will ask,"How long did it take you to quilt that?" and I never know.  But then again, do I really want to know????

A friend, Jessica Hall, who is also a longarm quilter, basted this quilt together for me.  I tried doing it my self but was overwhelmed with the size. She did a great job and I will definitely have her do large quilts in the future for me. 

I am using wool batting for the first time and so far enjoying working with it.  The wool gives the quilt a different feel and I think the drape will be nicer.  I am using YLI hand quilting thread, but have found I have to put the Thread Heaven treatment on the thread to get it to smoothly glide through the batting.  This was never necessary with 80/20 batting.

I have also started putting together by machine piecing a "15 Degree Quilt."  I took a workshop in 2017 to learn this technique, making one block, and enjoyed it so much that I purchased fabric to make a quilt.  The fabric has resided in a UFO box since 2017 and is now destined to become a big girl quilt for my granddaughter, Adeline. Her 4th birthday is in February, and I hope to have to have it completed by then, but I will  obviously have to machine quilt this one as my hoop will be filled for most of the upcoming year.  This will be a twin size quilt and I will probably just cross hatch it, a favorite machine quilting technique.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Temperature Quilts

This is something new to me and I thought it would be fun.  Linda D brought it up at our last club meeting, and I think we will do a challenge to the club to make a Temperature Quilt for 2020.  I get excited about any new quilt project and have been planning this one since the club meeting.  I am going to do mine for a year of seasons, and since the Winter season begins Dec.21, 2019 mine will cross years, but that is ok.  I am going to do rail fence blocks with four rails.  Still trying to decide how I want to do those rails - could have a rail for the low temp, one for the high temp. and then a neutral color for the other two rails.  But then, instead of a neutral, I could pick a color representing that season - like grey sparkly for Winter, green for Spring, yellow for Summer and orange for Fall - at least that way the seasons would be separated. 

I drew a diagram in EQ for how my quilt will look:  In this one, I have blue solid at the beginning of Winter, green at the beginning of Spring, yellow at the beginning of Summer and then Orange at the beginning of Fall.  The white in the bottom right corner will be a signature block. I had to add these color blocks to even out the quilt blocks.

Here is what it will look like if I go with a color for each season:  I think this may be what I have to do, as I love the way the seasons are identified.  In the solid blocks I will embroider the Season name and the dates of the season.

 Ohhhh, I am getting so excited about this quilt!!  Don't you want to play too????
I researched the Rock Hill temperatures for 2019 up through October as that was all I could find on the net to get an idea of what the spread of our temps would be and how many of each strip I need to prepare.  I came up with the following breakdown:  I will have to make sure that the "temperature fabric" is a good contrast with the seasonal color fabric.  I am going to breakdown the temperature chart by 5 degrees intervals to make sure I have a lot of contrast between temperatures.