Friday, November 16, 2018

Pemberley Quilt Progress

I started this post on Sunday afternoon and intended to finish it Sunday night when I got home from church.  Unfortunately at church, I fell down a flight of stairs, with a concussion and taken by ambulance to a trauma center in Charlotte.  I was released yesterday, and am wearing a heart monitor as the doctors think my heart has been beating at a fast rate and may be what caused me to black out on the steps and fall down the stairs.  Crystals in my ears were also dilodged and I am going through therapy to get them back in place.  I begin out out patient therapy on Tuesday.
This is my Pemberley and what I intended to post Sunday night.  I have completed the center and am starting to work on the corner flower pots.

Each corner on the center will have a flower pot and I have one completed.  I think they are so cute. The drawn lines are the cutting lines, and there will be a sashing border that will cover these edges.

I like to draw lines to show the placement of the applique.  I drawn the line inside the applique lines so that the lines will not show up when I place the applique in place.

My applique patters are cut from freezer paper, then traced on the from of the fabric.  I then trim the fabric to within 1/8" - 1/4" of the drawn line, and do needle turn applique.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Trick or Treat

Eight of my Grandchildren came Trick or Treating tonight. Hollis was here too, but she slept through it.  We don't get trick or treaters in our neighborhood unless its the grandkids.  Love seeing them!



Tess - orange fox, Timothy - Waldo, Taralyn - black dog, Toby - magician, Tori - princess, Titus - brown dog

Hollis Joy

 My #12 grandchild was born October 18 and named Hollis Joy and she is beautiful, sweet bundle of Joy. I now have 6 grandsons and 6 granddaughters and am so blessed.  

This is the quilt I made for sweet Hollis. I  hope she enjoys it for many years to come.  (I probably should have ironed it or at least put it in the dryer to fluff out the fold before I took the picture.)

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Making progress

I have been quilting on this top for a few months now and recently completed all the center Star blocks.  There are 12 Star of Bethlehem blocks and an hour glass blocks between each star block. Everything is set on point.

  The way I have quilted it, the hour glass block disappears and makes the Star block look bigger.

Although my hand quilting is rather dense, and taking a good bit of time to complete, I am enjoying the process.

This is a a close up of one of the 12 border blocks and how I am repeating the pattern in the border block.

I plan to use a Feathered Wreath in the outside border and duplicate the horizontal and vertical lines used in the center top. It actually takes me longer to quilt those lines than it does the feathered corners. 

People always ask me how long it takes to hand quilt.  Well I timed a Star block and it took me approx. 15 hours to do one star block.  The small border block takes approx. 4 hours.  Not sure what the outer border will take just yet...but just to complete the quilt center I am looking at approx. 228 hours.

Still working on my Happy Quilt.  I have all the rows completed except for the last one which is a row of house blocks.  I like the bright primary colors in this quilt.  Since I am quilting it as I go, once I complete this last block, it will be finished except for the binding.

Continued progress on my Guild's BOM:

September Leaves

October Pumpkins

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Jack's Chain

I finished my Jack's Chain quilt in time  for my Guild's quilt show - it took a third place ribbon.  My brother, Jack, came to the show and I "presented" it to him as a birthday gift for his 70th birthday. It was a surprise, and he was really surprised.  Several of my fellow quilters and my family that were there, gathered around and sang Happy Birthday. 

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Momma's Quilt

My blog is a type of quilt journal for me where I can look back and see quilts that I have made over the years.  I was never very good at documenting this before I started blogging and oh how I wish I had.  A lesson for those just getting started in quilting.  I print my blog every year and have gone back many times to check when I completed a quilt, or how long it took me to make a certain quilt.

  Momma was an excellent quilter and hand pieced many of her quilts and hand quilted nearly all of her quilts.  She kept very few of them, giving most to her children and grandchildren.  When she passed we shared among the family the quilts that she still had left at home.  They all held many special memories to me.

This is a quilt I made for my Momma in 2001.  I had not done much hand quilting, but knew if I was going to give Momma a quilt, it had better be hand quilted.    She was so surprised and touched when I gave it to her - said no one had ever made a quilt for her before.  I still get tears when I think of that time and how much that comment meant to me. 

When Momma passed years later, I reclaimed the quilt.
Now it resides on the back of "my chair" in the living room. I cuddle under it when I feel chilled or just need a little comfort.  The quilt reminds me so much of my Momma as most of her quilts were scrappy and she loved the traditional patterns.  Besides, I know it was something I made for my Momma that she truly cherished, and that makes me cherish it all the more.

Miss you Momma, every day.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Rainy day sewing

Today has been a day of watching the tv for news of  Hurricane Florence .  It keeps changing course and intensity.  We are going to get hit the worse tonight around 1 - 2am and then all day tomorrow.  They keep saying that there will be power outages and trees down.  We live in the country with lots of large old Oak trees, so this all makes for a tense night.


  I did spend some time last night and today doing some applique on my Pemberley Quilt.  Those scallops are actually appliqued to a large background. The next step will be to applique the vines, flowers and leaves that go around the center.
My guilds quilt show is Friday and Saturday, Sept 21 and 22.  I am doing a demo on how to board baste a quilt sandwich, and needed a small quilt top for the demo.  I had some cute duck fabric and decided to do a baby quilt.  I thought it just right to use on such a rainy windy day.  
If you are in the path of the storm, I hope you will stay safe and dry,