Friday, March 16, 2018

Determination Quilt

DETERMINATION is the name I am giving this quilt.  I am used to getting up each morning and enjoying some coffee and doing some quilting.  This broken wrist has put a kink in my morning fun time.  After doing a lot of reading, studying up on EQ8, being on the computer with facebook, blogs and games, I was determined to come up with ways I could make a quilt.

I have this tub of 2 1/2" squares I use when teaching Cathedral Window quilts or Hexagon EPP quilting, so I decided to just start making 4 patches I could use when I make this quilt I designed in EQ8.  This takes 152 4-patches.  That should keep me busy for awhile.

A couple days later, they were done, and needed to be squared up......but try as hard as I could, I could not use a rotary cutter with one hand :( 

So my wonderful, thoughtful, smart and PRECISE husband to the rescue.  Using a 3 1/2" square ruler, he squared up all the 4-Patches,  He also cut 310 3 1/2" squares and then cut them diagonally to make the corner squares,  and once I get the corners sewn on, he is squaring those up to a 4 3/4" unfinished size block, using the Creative Grids Square in a Square ruler.  That is what he is doing in this picture.  He has already cut the 3 1/2" x 86" strips I needed to go between the vertical rows of 4-Patches.

I think he got tired of all my muttering and "southern sighs" because I could not master one handed rotary cutting.  Or maybe he just did not want to see me cut off a finger.  Either way, I think he is enjoying helping :)

I am a blest lady!

4 Patches

Corner Squares

Before and After Square in a Square

Alternate Strips
Adeline and Lorelai Coming for a visit....Woohoooooooooo!

Monday, March 5, 2018

February Hearts Block

February has been a long month with breaking my wrist limiting so much of what I am accustomed to doing. 

I have tried EPP and that did not work out too well, although I did get a little done on my Jacks Chain.

So then I tried embroidering on a BOM of the month I started in January.  This is the February block, appropriately named Hearts.  I had it a little less that half done before my fall.  I found that by balancing the hoop on a table I could stitch one handed,  but after just a bit of trying to undo knotted thread, rethreading needle and not so good stitches, I gave up on this too.  The heavier stitching is twilling, and the other is backstitch. I did finish the block!

So now I am trying to do a little machine piecing 4 patches. 
I have a tub full of 2 1/2 inch squares and have recruited a friend and my husband to cut scrappy off white and white tone on tone squares for me.  This is fun, and I can even press the seams open.  I have just been sewing twosies so far, but that is a start! 

I learned how to layout a custom quilt in EQ8, so I spent this morning designing my 4 patch quilt.  Going to have to teach hubby how to square the 4 patches for me, but he seems to be enjoying working with me on the quilt. Here are my designs.  The 4 patches will be scrappy, but I just used the same block in the design.

This one is my favorite so far, but that could change.

Least favorite, maybe too messy looking?

I like this, but it seems off balance to me - think it needs one more column of 4 patches to match the first vertical row.
Had to laugh, hubby asked me at supper how long it would take us to finish "our" quilt.


Thursday, February 22, 2018

Moda Blockhead 2017

An EQ8 drawing of how I intend to layout my Moda Blockhead Blocks, once I can sew again.  I have been studying EQ8 beginners manual, and have learned to scan in fabrics and photos into EQ and then use them in quilt design work.  I love the option to scan in images of all these blocks to scale, and then use the actual fabric and block images in the quilt design.   Hopefully, I can start sewing in about 5 weeks.

Following are images of the last 9 blocks I made, as I realized I had not posted these yet.  These are the images I cropped out the seam allowances in the scan.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

EPP one handed

I figured out how to EPP one handed, by bracing my stitching against my thumb, and using a clover clip to grip the fabrics. I cannot grip yet with my left hand, but this is working for now.    Been working on my EQ8 as well, there are quite a few changes to the updated version, and that probably not new, but I did not know about them before.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

No sewing for 6 weeks

Its a sad day....I fell and broke my wrist Thursday.  An ambulance ride to the ER and the  orthopedic doctor yesterday and now I am scheduled for surgery on Monday.  I could show you some gruesome pictures of my break before temp cast was put on, and the xrays of the broken bones - yes more than one - but I don't think anyone wants to see that, including me.  Doc said I will be in a cast with pins sticking out of my hand and arm for at least 6 weeks.  First there were tears, then acceptance and then thankfulness for a doctor that I have confidence in to  fix this; for pain medication; a caring husband, family and friends AND most of all, that my sweet 2 year old grandson was not hurt when I tripped over him. And thank you God for these blessings and for His comfort to get through this trial.

 I have always heard be careful what you wish for.  Of course I didn't wish for a broken wrist, but I did say I wished I had three or four weeks to work thru my EQ8 lesson book that arrived on Wednesday.  I can't sew one handed, but I can operate my mouse and type with one hand :)


Monday, February 5, 2018

Pemberley Quilt

I wonder if others get as excited with the start of a new project as I do.  I have been planning this start for a several months now...selecting fabrics and organizing my project notebook.  The object was to start the project in January, and I missed it by a month, but finally the project is underway.  A good friend, Brenda, is also making a Perberley quilt and we plan to keep each other on track throughout this year.    The plan....finish the top this year. 

The fabrics I have selected are primarily from a Sarah Morgan line under Washington Street Studio, a division of P&B Textiles.  Its called Southern Vintage.  I just love the sound of that .  Other fabrics I am using are Moda and a couple of other lines by P & B textiles.  And then there are the random fabrics I pulled from my stash.

I got my sewing basket put together with the applique threads and miscellaneous supplies.

The basket is one we gave out at retreat as our "goody bags."  Two friends, Darlene and Brenda, and I lined the baskets and my husband was drilled the holes in the handles and cut the dowel rods.  The baskets were filled with hand made goodies made by members of my club and a few other little surprises.

 I am using Wonderfil Invasil thread, I believe 80 wt. for the applique.  This is new for me, as I usually just use Coats and Clark 50wt all purpose thread.  I know - not normally an appliquer choice, but it works for me and I like that it does not break easily. 

I did start the applique, just to see how the thread would work, and so far so good.

And so the Pemberley journey begins......


Thursday, January 25, 2018

January Finishes and Retreat

I love January, as that is the  month my quilt club, Stitchin Friends, goes on retreat to a local church sponsored camp site near my house.  Its only about 20 minutes away, so if I, or any of the other ladies, forget something, its easy enough to run home and get it - or better yet, have someone bring it to us.  This year there was 12 of us, and we had so much fun as well as accomplished a lot.

At retreat, I did a demo on Quilt As You Go, and used my 2016 Aurifil BOM blocks in teaching this process.  I quilted each block with a different design using the auto feed (built in walking foot) on my Janome 6600 machine.  This was so much fun and a process I plan to use on many quilts to come

Linda, a dear friend who came to retreat without a project to work on and who I put to work right away, hemmed the quilt as well as doing some of the hand stitching on the back of the quilt.  So nice to have an "assistant" at retreat!

I have a close up of each block at the end of this post, along with the quilting pattern used on the block. 

 Also at retreat, Linda and Donna worked on hemming my Galaxy Star quilt which will be a gift to my grandson Toby in February.  Its his big boy quilt from moving from a crib to a bed, which he did about 4 years ago!

I quilted it on my Janome 6600, doing a cross hatch stitch on the stars and a free motion meandering between the stars. 

I was concerned that it might be too dark a quilt for little boy, but his mom said he is into Star Wars these days, and this would be a perfect quilt for him.  Now to get the label made
Also at retreat, my dear friend Linda hemmed a baby quilt for me that I finished just before retreat.  Its a Schnibbles pattern.  The parents are not finding out the gender until after the baby is born, so I just used a primary color palette and hopefully this will work out ok.

Guess I really got worn out with all the fun at retreat cause I made a whopper of a booboo on my Jack's Chain yesterday morning.  I got up early and did a little hand stitching while enjoying my  morning coffee. Shortly afterwards,  Linda, who was spending a few days after retreat with me, joined me and we enjoyed chatting and talking about the retreat.  Eventually my husband joined us as well.  So when I laid the quilt out to "admire" my progress was I in for a surprise.

That block you see standing up is not being pushed up by anything - that is actually how I had sewn it in.  I have no idea how in the world I did that, but there it was, standing nice and proud.  Needless to say, that morning's work was ripped out.

Yesterday I started on the Pemberley quilt, but more on that later.  Its just what I needed...another new project.

As promised here are some closeups of the 2016 Aurifil Blocks, which I am calling the quilt the Machine Quilting Sampler.



Cross Hatch


Expanded ZigZag



Point to Point

Point to Point

Point to Point
Orange Peel