Thursday, January 28, 2021

Hexagon Drawstring Bag

 This is a Katrina Hadjimichael design, one of my favorite designers.  I did alter the pattern just a little as she had hexagon flowers all around her bag, and I decided to use a different EPP pattern for each block.  I love the bag.  It is approximately 13" x 9" and I will use it as a tote for my English Paper Piecing projects when I take them to workshops, friends houses, or anywhere - can't wait until I can meet in-person again with my quilting friends.

This is Katrina's pattern, but I enlarged it a little for this bag.

I don't know the name of this block, saw it on someone's facebook page and drafter the paper pieces out in Illustrator

Traditional Grandmother's Flower Garden block

Traditional Dresden Plate

Traditional 9 Diamond Star

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Covid Vaccination


Got shot #1 this evening at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.  I was in and out of there in about 45 minutes, and that is with staying in the 15 minute waiting area after the shot.  Got to drive all around on the race track, was so cool.

I will get my second shot on February 14, Valentine's Day.

Friday, January 22, 2021

Cottage Grove Quilt top completed

 Yesterday I completed the quilt top for Cottage Grove.  This is a pattern I have been working on since 2011.  The pattern is by The Quilt Company and we found it at a quilt show and purchased it to work on together, each making our own quilt.  

We were off to a good start, and then got sidetracked and it sat untouched until the Coronavirus hit.  We had completed the top and bottom applique borders, the bordered flower blocks and two of the houses.  We decided that we would complete the rest during these stay at home days, meeting over zoom once a week to stay on progress.  This has been a fun project to complete and I have so enjoyed meeting and working on it with my good friend.  We missed a few weeks due to needs revolving around family and doctors, but we met yesterday and sewed on the final outer borders.  So nice that we each completed our tops together, even if over zoom.

I altered some of my blocks a little, nothing much, just touches of embroidery and minor design changes.  The main change I made was adding the redbirds to the four corners.  The pattern has a ladybug in each corner.

The middle house is a Quilt shop!

Now we each have to decide how to quilt it, or have it quilted.  I would love to hand quilt it, but my stack is growing of quilts in waiting for hand quilting.  

We are both getting our first vaccination on Sunday and then the second on Valentine's day.  Hoping to start another project in March - where we can meet in person together ! 

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Lone Rose Star progress

 Last night I finished the hand quilting on center star on my Lone Rose Star quilt.  I was unable to sleep thinking about all the crazy stuff going on right now.  I find that when I lie down to sleep, that is when I feel the greatest stress about things.  So I just got up and finished quilting the last star point.  Following are some pictures of the quilt todate.

Friday, January 1, 2021

Projects To be complete in 2021

 Happy New Year!   I decided to make a list of the projects I am currently working on that I anticipate finishing during 2021.  Will be interesting how much of this I can accomplish. These arenot all my UFO's, but they are the ones I am currently working on.  So, here we go..............

First  - A baby quilt I have completed and just needs to be hemmed.  I actually got it to this point yesterday, now why I didn't hem it last night so it would be done is beyond me.  It will be completed in the next few days.

Second - a stack of quilt tops I have completed and are waiting to be quilted. 
Top is the Gail Pan Wish You Well  BOM to be hand quilted.  Next is my Temperature Quilt to be machine quilted. The  bottom is the Brimfield English Paper Pieced quilt to be hand quilted.

Speaking of quilting, I have my Lone Rose Star in the hoop and hopefully will have it completed by Spring.  

Then there is my Coronaville Quilt which I started in March 2020 when we got the Stay at Home order because of the Corona Virus, now just referred to as Covid.  I completed the top with 120 blocks, but kept on making the houses for each day until I can be vaccinated and get back to a normal life, if that will every happen.  I got behind during the holidays and right now am up to house 279 which was Dec.16.  Funny, when I started this I cut out enough pieces for 64 houses thinking that would be more than I would need.

This is a Cottage Grove quilt started in 2011.  My friend Darlene and I are both making one of these quilts and during this stay at home time, we dug it out of our UFO pile and decided to get it done.

We zoom each week to stay on task and have them both nearly finished.  All that is left are the final borders which we hope to get done on Saturday (as in tomorrow).  Then, it will be added to may "to be quilted pile" and I sure hope I can finish it before Christmas 2021.

This is an I-Spy quilt that I have started using the Quilt-AS-You-Go hexagons.  I am having a lot of fun with this one, should be completed in the next couple of months.

nd of course, there is always a new project.  This is the 2021 Bring Me Flowers Block of the Month project by Gail Pan.  I actually got the pattern yesterday as she is in Australia, so her Jan 1 was my December 31
I had selected my fabrics, thread and setup my notebook.  Sooo excited.

And then, as usual, I  changed my plan.  After doing the 2020 BOM Wish You Well, I really enjoyed using the various laces and trims.   I was having the hardest time with the fabrics, just was not satisfied.

So, I decided to go with one fabric for the sashing rather than the scrappy look in the pattern.  

I also decided to not use the green fabrics for the block corners but instead use an eyelet lace.  
The threads are still to be used .  Now I am so excited, going to have to work on this one this afternoon.  I do enjoy embroidery 

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Seasonal Temperature Quilt Top DONE!

 I am happy to report I have completed my Seasonal Temperature Quilt - it actually ended December 20 which was the last day of Fall.  This was a fun project,  but I must admit I am glad to see it done.  Now to get it quilted, which I will do a simple cross hatch on my machine.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Brimfield Quilt Top Done!


My completed Brimfield Quilt Top.  I have it hanging and it really is straight just got a soft fold while hanging.  This will now be a QIW (Quilt in waiting for hand quilting).  That waiting list is starting to grow, so I better get busy on the Lone Star that I am currently quilting and get it done.  The background is actually a dark green, not black.