Thursday, June 15, 2017

Bali Wedding Star - ARCs completed

Yea, finished all the arcs tonight for the Bali Wedding Star.  I think they are so pretty, look like feathers. I had fun just playing with different arrangements. 

Made 97 in all, some look almost perfect (emphasis on ALMOST) and others are a little more not-so-perfect, but I think they will all do fine in the quilt.

I had to lay out all the pieces on my design wall, as I was so anxious to see how the colors are going to look together.  

This is just a pinned up version as the papers are all on the back and it would not adhere to the wall. I am not sure I have it right, but this will at least give me an idea of how the colors play together.

I just love that shining star in the middle.  With the shiny silver in the grey and the sparkles in the white, it really does seem to glow.

I think the arcs look ok, but I am not happy with the center fabrics that will make up the 4-patch.  I am going to have to study some other quilts on line and see how they handled that center area. that dark blue/purple maybe ok, but the other is too red, I think. 

So happy I have made it this far.  Now the truly scary part....sewing the blocks together.

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