Sunday, December 20, 2015

An English Paper Pieced Sampler

So exciting, just saw where a book I co-authored with Darlene Beltman, is now available for pre-
orders both on Amazon and AQS. The publication date is set for February 2016, but so exciting to see in on the web now. 

(Image taken from website)
The book has 12 blocks, including traditional blocks , a couple blocks shown in old newspapers and one original block I designed called The Star of Justice  (middle block shown above).  Templates for printing your own paper pieces and coloring pages for design purposes are included in the book.
or the American Quilter's Society:  (Members of AQS will receive a discount)
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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Patchwork of the Crosses Update

Completed row 5 of 8 yesterday and tried my best to get a good picture outside. Did not help that the wind started blowing just as I started setting up for the picture....I even tried taping it to the wall. So use your imagination to see a nice flat quilt. I am seeing so many beautiful quilts on facebook, makes me want to do a second quilt:)

I counted up how many more little red connecting squares I need to complete the final three rows and borders...392!!!!!

So, I cut out the squares and will get them all attached to the papers before I start on row 6. I feel like I have made a million of these little squares already!

It's funny how you see things in pictures that you don't notice when looking at the quilt. I don't like the way the corners look like they have a red W and think I need to fix that somehow.

Some options below....not sure I like any of them. Maybe need to replace the brown piece in the corner with a red one. Oh well, I have time to figure this out.

Today I plan to do some fun sewing, making new Christmas Stockings with this pretty fabric I found at Hobby Lobby. In the past I have had a stocking for each of my children and grandchildren, but we are up to 18 stockings counting little Adeline who is due in February. Hmmmm.. That's a lot of stockings to stuff. So this year I will have one stocking for each of my children to share with their families. That takes 18 stockings down to 5. And since the tradition is changing, I want new stockings too.

Hope you have a good day and some fun sewing I store for your day too. Thanks for stopping by,