Monday, July 9, 2012

Do you hand quilt?

I have been busily trying to finish this project in time for our guild's quilt show in October.  I have quilted all around the appliques, and the two borders and am now working on a grid over all the remaining "unquilted" parts of the quilt.

 For the first time I am trying the masking tape method for marking my lines and I really like this method.  I have 6 needles going across - now if I just had 12 hands I might get this done in time.  I have the lines in one direction about half done, I think - progress is slow, but steady.

I really need to learn to take better pictures!

I have also been working on the cute little thimble pips from Willowberry Designs.  They are fun to make and hopefully I will get a few more done for the guild's boutique at the quilt show.

And then there is always these little distractions to keep a Granny away from her stitching. 

Happy Stitchin!