Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sunday Post on Wednesday

Well its Wednesday, and I am just now getting around to posting my Sunday post - yea, we all have weeks like that.  This weekend was spent attending some programs at the University, visiting with my Dad and hours and hours of washing, ironing, and cutting fabric.  My club, bless them all, have agreed to help my daughter with a project with her 3rd grade class.  Each child (20 in all) is going to color pictures onto fabric around a theme, then my club will assemble the quilts for tying. On May 25, we will join the students and their parents in class to teach them how to tie the quilt, have a quilt show and watch the kids act out skits on the theme they studied - all about being smart in their daily lives, not taking chances, that sort of thing. So this weekend, I cut out 20 backings, 196 white blocks with freezer paper backing for coloring (needed 160 but thought a few extra might be a good idea), and 20 sets of sashing.  Its a good thing I enjoy cutting fabric!  I really am proud of my daughter as she wrote a grant to do this project and also did a presentation at her PTA to get their support. I think it is going to be a lot of fun, now that all the fabric is cut and ready to go. 

My other project, which I finished this morning, was to write a pattern for my Heart and Home wall hanging. I still have to test it out with my club, bless them double, but the pattern is done!

My husband, being the kind hearted hungry man he is, furnished supper Sunday night.

Now...on to the next project.  I am home this morning, psyching myself up for  my annual checkup at the doctors office later this morning. (Good thing I got that hamburger on Sunday, will be mylast one for awile.) I won't show you a picture of the look on my face as I type that one!  I think I will get cleaned up and go to Hancocks before the doctor's office...try to get my blood pressure back to normal.

Hope you all have a wonderful, Wednesday.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday in the Park

It seems like a long time since I last posted and I guess it has been over a week.  I have been busily working around the house, working in the yard, working at work, which leaves very little time for playing in my sewing room, sitting in the swing reading and blogging.  I did finish the book "The Last Song" - great book!

Sewing has been on my Be Attitudes block, which I will not show again for the hundreth time, and I started putting together a pattern for my Heart and Home wall hanging. My quilt club is going to test the pattern for me. This week I designed a paperpieced heart to go in the top left corner. This turned out pretty good and is a little easier to make than the heart with 169 pieces that I taught my club.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, and we started it out by watching my daughter Ellen, and neices Cindy and Joy run a 5K.  Here they are cheesing it for the camera (Joy - Ellen - Cindy, left to right).  They are striking a pose like my mom and her sisters always did in photos. 

I am so very proud of each of them for this accomplishment.  This is Ellen's third 5K and she ran it in 29min1sec!  Cindy's second run and Joy's first. 

And then another beautiful day today.  We took my Dad to Glencairn Gardens here in town to see the fabulous flowers, fountains and just enjoy being outside.  Here are few pictures from the morning - it was a great day. God is good and blesses me over and over again.

Wishing you a wonderful week!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The good news is...

We finally got a new door for the basement entrance, which my daughter is thrilled about since she lives down there. The bad news is my husband scheduled it for installation this morning, and he can not be here - so I have to be here to deal with the installers.

The good news is, that means I have to stay home this morning from work (yipppeeee) and this gave me time to work on my screen - the bad news is Lowes did not put all the necessary parts in the box for the dead bolt, so I have to be here longer than expected while they bring them out from the store -

Then good news is....I have to be here longer than expected :)

I finished the screen panels and here they are.  The panels are held in with painters tape right now, as hubby and I need to decide the best way to put them in.  I am thinking now that I want them to be easily removed as I see all kinds of possibilites. I covered foam board with fabric to make the panels - and wouldn't Christmas fabric be nice for the holidays, or quilt blocks for a meeting of my bee? I could change them with the seasons! I put my chair there so you can see how the screen fabric goes with the fabric I recovered the chairs in. So what do you think?

My next big home decor project will be to paint the book shelf in the living room, and they are supposed to bring the huge china cabinet up to the house this weekend and that will have to be painted as well.

I did a little stitchery on a Nice People Nice Things block this week.  Dagnabit - I traced the wording block on the side of the fabric that has the fusible interfacing.  Now how in the world did I not notice that???
Hope you have a great day!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

May your hearts be filled with joy and praise,
May your day be filled with fun  and family
All your Easter eggs be filled with chocolate!

Happy Easter!