Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thank you,Marlene

I am the lucky winner of this cute bag made by Marlene of Stitchin by the Lake.

She included these two sweet patterns as well. Thanks Marlene, I love the bag!

I have been sewing on my Patchwork of Crosses (PoC) blocks and have completed two more. I enjoy the hand piecing, but I think it takes me longer to pick out the fabrics than to make the block.

By the time I have made twenty of these blocks, I will probably not be s o particular about what goes with what.

These blocks are put together with English Paper Piecing. They really do lie flat, but the outer row of pieces still have the paper in them, so they looked kind of crinkled up.




Anyone that has followed me for long, knows how much I like to organize things. Here is my stack of project boxes for the PoC project.

The bottom box holds fabrics for the crosses, next box is the shirtings fabrics and pattern, then my neat organizer for blocks I have cut out and ready to sew (holds 16 small boxes, each with a block). The blue box holds finished blocks and the top unit has all my sewing supplies and papers. The little pink tub is for snips of thread and fabrics. All this for one quilt!

Put on the Hallmark channel for movies, get a hot cup of coffee, settle into my comfy chair and enjoy a little hand quilting. Life is good!

Thanks for stopping by,