Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Projects, projects everywhere.....

Hope you are all enjoying the new year and making good progress on your projects.  Progress is about all I can say, since I have not completed much to show.  I did get my class samples done for a workshop I will be doing in the fall and that is a relief to have done.

Here is are just a few things that I have going:

First up is this cute block of the month being offered FREE on the website of Shabby Fabrics (Just click on the name for the link).

This is block one and the new block comes out on the 7th of each month - so don't miss out.  I had to hurry and finish this one last night and the new one is due out today! 

Next up is a table runner for my sister-in-law, Debbie.  She is a real sweetie and doesn't even mind that for her birthday (Jan 30) she just got to see it in its unfinished state.  I have it all ready for quilting but can't decide on how to quilt it.  Any suggestions?? Anyone????  Help!

 Yet another table runner that I finished and just needs quilting. Obviously this one is for Valentines, and just as obvious,  it probably won't get quilted in time  - but it just might.  We shall see.  I am playing with the idea of adding some bead work to this one so might be next year before it is ready to use.
And just to keep myself busy, I am also hand quilting this Be Attitudes quilt for my granddaughter, Taralyn, a big girl quilt.  When the grandkids move from the crib to a bed, they get a big girl or big boy quilt.  Taralyn has a new brother on the way this month (due Feb.29) and will be evicted from her crib in the early summer - I got to get busy on this one.      Speaking of little Tobias's expected arrival, I have not even started on his baby quilt, and then there is Timothy who has been in his big boy bed now for several years (he's 5 years old!) and he is still waiting on his big boy quilt.  What's a Granny to do?  These babies are coming faster than I can quilt!

I have a few products I want to tell you about, but that will have to wait until the next time.
Thanks for stopping by,