Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pipestem Resort State Park

Isn't this a beautiful view? Fred and I have escaped for the weekend to Pipestem in West Virginia. This is the view from outside our balcony this morning. The weather is mild and there is a fog rising from a stream in the gorge below us. A flock os Canadian geese flew over and I do love the sound of their "honking" in early morning and at dusk.
We did a little site seeing yesterday with me getting pictures of numerous quilt barns in the area, and Fred getting pictures o
...well....cemeteries. His genealogy hobby follow us everywhere, kind of like me looking for quilt shops. I have not found any quilt shops yet....but we have two more cemeteries to check out today.
This is my first post with my iPad, a learning curve needed for sure.
I hate to see google reader is shutting down. Have any of you found a replacement yet?

Thursday, March 7, 2013


I finally finished all the klosjes I need for my quilt and it really helped that I decided to make a much smaller quilt.  I thought I would show you the progress . 

Toby thought they were his personal play blocks - he is going to be so sad when he sees an empty basket.  I know the pictures are blurry...but he is  a blue in motion most of the time.

So here they are all neat, squared and pressed. Don't you just love the look of neatly pressed blocks.

The little square are then sewn into half of the four patch blocks...but not with out a few gliches. Looks simple enough don't you think?
Not so....I manage to sew two blocks together wrong (and I repeated this mistake many times over)!  Fortunately I had a new tool to play with, a "Seam Fix" seam ripper that a good friend gave me.  I learned the value of this seam ripper many times over - you see it had these rubber tips that just pull out the little threads with very little effort.
See the little tip on the end?  That was totally gone by the time I finished sewing all these little blocks together.  I lost count of how many times I had to use it.

Moving on....I finished all the four patches.  I do love the look of these cute little blocks - especially when they are all done!  I won't say that all the corners made it out alive - a few went missing, but I am not going to point them out.  Give the quilt judges something to criticize (not like there are enough things to critique.)
And then finally all the blocks sewn together and I am starting now to design a border.  This is where a normally get stumped.  I think I have a plan that works.
 Now the only problem - I don't have a hand sewing project!  Of course, as soon as I get the borders on, I can start the applique and then the hand quilting.

I have had a couple people ask me who this quilt is for.  I have an answer now - I have a new granddaughter on the way.  Its a little big for a baby quilt, but just right for a toddler, and that is what she will be by the time I finish it.

Happy Stitchin'