Thursday, June 8, 2017

Bali Wedding Star - Question??

I have been working on completing the arcs for my Bali Wedding Star and they are finally done - 88 A arcs and 88 B arcs.  This has been quite a process, but I have enjoyed the paper piecing as well as working with the batiks.
The next step is the CDS units which make the outside edge of the block.  I am concerned as the patterns instructs you to use fabric glue to hold the paper to the fabric when paper piecing.  I have no experience with fabric glue, and am concerned that ironing over the glue will make it difficult to remove the paper and may even stain my fabric. 
Have any of you used the glue when paper piecing and if so, do you mind sharing with me the brand you used and if you had any problems with removing the paper or stain on the fabric?
This is my version of Block 14 in the Moda Blockhead Challenge. I added an extra corner to my block as I wanted to use a touch of the dark green that I am using in some of the other blocks, but it just made the block too dark when I used it in the entire corner.    This block was a fun one to make.  (The outer green "frame" is my cutting board.)
Happy Stitching!


Rebecca said...

You don't use much glue just a little dab will do you like they use to say in the Brilcream commercial....did I just date myself?

Frog Quilter said...

lol Rebecca. I use elmers glue stick or Roxannes appliqué glue.