Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Making Progress

The first strip is done and I am excited about how this is turning out.  This quilt
just shouts Spring to me.  It also has special meaning in that Fred, my husband, has helped so much in its construction.
Its actually longer than this picture shows - there are 19 4-patches in each row and this will be a vertical row.

I finished the March block called Shamrock.  This took me all month to do, and would normally only take a few hours.

Its definitely not my best stitching, but I will always remember doing this one with a broken wrist and the greater appreciation and empathy it gave me for people with handicaps they overcome to achieve their arts. 

This past weekend we made a quick trip to West Virginia to attend services for Fred's Uncle Glenn, who passed Wednesday last week. It snowed while we were there, and our ride home was so beautiful.  Living in South Carolina we don't get to see snow very often and even then, seldom in this quantity.  I must admit to being scared as we don't have the equipment to clean off the roads when we do get the freak snow storm.  But when we left on Sunday to come home it was a winter wonderland and the roads were clear of snow and ice.  I took lots of pictures from the moving truck so they aren't the best
but I wanted to share some of them anyway. 

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em's scrapbag said...

I love your scrappy row. It's going to be a wonderful quilt full of good memories.