Monday, March 5, 2018

February Hearts Block

February has been a long month with breaking my wrist limiting so much of what I am accustomed to doing. 

I have tried EPP and that did not work out too well, although I did get a little done on my Jacks Chain.

So then I tried embroidering on a BOM of the month I started in January.  This is the February block, appropriately named Hearts.  I had it a little less that half done before my fall.  I found that by balancing the hoop on a table I could stitch one handed,  but after just a bit of trying to undo knotted thread, rethreading needle and not so good stitches, I gave up on this too.  The heavier stitching is twilling, and the other is backstitch. I did finish the block!

So now I am trying to do a little machine piecing 4 patches. 
I have a tub full of 2 1/2 inch squares and have recruited a friend and my husband to cut scrappy off white and white tone on tone squares for me.  This is fun, and I can even press the seams open.  I have just been sewing twosies so far, but that is a start! 

I learned how to layout a custom quilt in EQ8, so I spent this morning designing my 4 patch quilt.  Going to have to teach hubby how to square the 4 patches for me, but he seems to be enjoying working with me on the quilt. Here are my designs.  The 4 patches will be scrappy, but I just used the same block in the design.

This one is my favorite so far, but that could change.

Least favorite, maybe too messy looking?

I like this, but it seems off balance to me - think it needs one more column of 4 patches to match the first vertical row.
Had to laugh, hubby asked me at supper how long it would take us to finish "our" quilt.



Frog Quilter said...

Your husbands comment brought a smile to my face this morning. Beware you may be creating a new quilter. Wouldn't that be fun?

Raewyn said...

One thing I love about this hobby (passion) of ours is that there are so many facets to it - so pleased that you have found a few things you can do while you heal. What a supportive hubby you have :-)

Candace said...

Your husband sounds like a wonderful, caring guy, and it is so funny that he called it "our" quilt. Funny, but in a cute way, and very true.