Friday, April 21, 2017

Moving along - ever so slowly

Thought I would just post an update of the various projects I am working on....just keeping track of my ever so slow progress:

Star of Bethlehem: Finished Blocks 7 and 8; four more to go:

Lorelai's Quilt: Finished quilting blocks 1 and 2; three more to go.  I am doing this as a quilt as you go process and did not realize how much the blocks would draw up when you hand quilt them.  These two are smaller now than the 12 1/2" they started out as.  Going to have to add a frame or something to get them back to the size my mom made on hers.

Bali Wedding Star:  Have completed all 88 of the A arcs and 10 of the B arcs:


Irish Chain / Dresden Plate - patiently sitting and waiting for me to resume quilting on this one.  I need to finish the Lorelai blocks first. 

Moda Blockhead Blocks :  Completed Block 7 which was the one for this week.  These blocks have really been a challenge, but I think I am getting much better at the 1/4" seam.   I have one that I definitely have to redo - when I get around to it.

Jack's Chain; Rainbow Scrap Challenge - reported on this one in my previous post

New Project - YIKES; well what would a status report be without a new project.  I will be teaching
this one to my club tomorrow and I have completed one block to show, and have one in process to use in teaching and one cut out that will finish the table runner.  Its a fun block to make and we will be paper piecing the corner pieces with a freezer paper technique.

So those are my "active" projects as of this morning.  There is no point in discussing all the ones that are in-active, their day will come!

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FlourishingPalms said...

Well, you do have quite a few WIPs, don't you? No guilt though! If they're truly works in progress, then all of us have permission to have as many of them as we want! Anyway, no one really cares how many we have. The process of making them is what keeps us going, and makes us happy. I fancy your Star of Bethlehem blocks. Keep up the lovely work! No one's pressing you for quick finishes. :-)

Candace said...

What beautiful quilts you are working on, each lovelier than the one before. No matter if you're working on several, you'll just have several beautiful completed quilts at some point. Thank you for the visit to my blog and for your sweet comment.

Julierose said...

Just lovely projects you're working on. I love those sunbonnet gals; and those arcs will be gorgeous...hugs, Julierose

julieQ said...

What love projects you have going!! I need to catch up on the Block heads blocks...yours is so pretty!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Very effective Folded Box block. SEW nice of you to teach the making of it to your friends!!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Teresa, you have a bunch of pretty projects on the go! I especially love your Star of Bethlehem blocks!

Bonnie said...

Wow! Your Bali Wedding Ring is going to be gorgeous. Love how you have used the stripes in the last block shown.

Purple Pam said...

You may be moving ever so slowly, but at least you are moving. What fun to see your project in progress.