Sunday, April 16, 2017

RSC Challenge goes to Texas

This month my husband and I made a trip to Waco Texas for a family reunion.  My brother, Jack, and his wife Debbie, daughter, Joy and two grandchildren, Elizabeth and Jacob, also traveled to Texas for this reunion.  I am making a Jack's Chain quilt as a gift to my brother, but shhhhhhh...its a secret.

I took my 9-patches with me to work on, and this is a part of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I thought it might be fun to share some of the pictures with you from the trip.  In each picture there is a 9-patch...can you spot them?  I made 33 9-patches on the trip and completed my April goal.

Texas Bluebonnets

The Bluebonnets were blooming all along the highways while we were there.  There were also some mixtures with red and yellow flowers - not sure what they were, but they sure were pretty.

Magnolia Store in Waco
On our first day in Waco, we of course had to visit Chip and Joanne Gates at the Magnolia store.  Unfortunately, they were in NC.  It was fun to see the store and silos.

Dr. Pepper Museum
 Right down the road from the Magnolia Silo's is the Dr. Pepper Museum.  Who knew, Dr. Pepper originated in Waco Texas.  The museum was interesting and the soda shop served up the best fountain Dr. Pepper I have ever tasted.  Well worth the visit if you are ever in Waco.
 That afternoon, we visited the cemetery where my grandparents are buried.  I never knew my father's parents, as my grandfather passed before I was born and I was only a few months old when my grandmother passed.    She was a quilter, and had started a Dresden plate quilt, completing one block.  I have the pre-cut fabric kits she had purchased, I believe from a newspaper, and hope to make one myself.  Then I would like to pass it along to my daughters, and then to granddaughters..and so forth, until the remaining 11 blocks are completed.  The last one to make a block would finish the quilt.
 The next day was our reunion.  Here's a group of the folks, and the guy on the left in the blue shirt, Uncle Phil, reminded all of us of my Dad.  Of course, he should as Daddy's brother, but it was just so special to see glimpses of my Dad and my brothers in the faces of our relatives.  We are the only members of the family that live east of Texas, so don't get to see this side of the family very often.

The reunion was at a state park outside of Waco called Cedar Ridge.  It was very pretty and we were right along a beautiful lake.  There was a steep drop off to the lake, and they had it fenced in.  All along the fence were these large cacti, some as tall as me.

The next day we headed for Ft Worth.  My husband was meeting up with some of his family to talk genealogy and I had a chance to meet up with a couple of my quilting buddies in the area - Tyrena and Judy. (Picture left to right: Me, Ty and Judy)  We became acquainted through the internet and I have made trips to Texas to go on quilting retreats with them.  Was so much fun to spend the afternoon catching up.  Who knows, I might just see them again in November at the International Quilt Festival in Houston.

The next day, the plans were to head out to Arlington to meet up with my brother and his family.  They did not go with us to Ft. Worth, but instead went to see the Dallas Rangers play ball.

On the way to their hotel, our brakes started make horrific noises.  So....we had to have the brakes worked on.  That meant an extra day in the area, but that was ok, gave us some time to take in Dallas.  I would highly recommend Coopers Pit Stop in Arlington if you are ever in that area and need some work done.  Very reasonable price for their quick and good service.


While in Dallas, we visited the George Bush Museum and Library.  I was so impressed and it really reminded me of the man of integrity he was and still is, not to mention his great sense of humor. 

They also had the display of his painting of the veterans.  It was all so moving.

And here is my little 9-patch on a replication of the Oval Office, with Theodore Roosevelt's desk - which is the one George Bush also used as President.

We picked up our truck that afternoon and headed for Hot Springs Arkansas. ....and another delay. After getting through Dallas traffic and feeling pretty proud of ourselves...we came to a standstill.  There was an accident on I30 where two tractor trailers tried to merge into the one lane of traffic at the same time.  We sat at this spot for about 3 hours before traffic began to move again.  I forgot to take pictures in Hot Springs.
And finally.....after one more night spent on the road in Birmingham, Al...we arrived back at home.

The trip was so much fun, and especially since I got to spend time with my Jack and Debbie, Joy, Jacob, Elizabeth as well as Jack's daughter Alisha and her family Neil, husband, and children Lilly and Miles (they live in Oregon).  It was so good to see our relatives from Texas, Nevada, California and Tennessee.  And time spent with friends in Ft. Worth.

This is the mantle in my home - be if ever so humble, there is no place like home.  I did not realize how dated my home is with that metal screen and brick fireplace until Chip and Joanne set me straight. I think my home could use  a fixer upper touch, but then, I kind of like it this way.  

Thanks for joining me on my journey, Teresa


Marj said...

I love real unpainted brick. Sounds like a good trip, glad that you had nice weather.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Welcome home!! Your little 9-Patch blocks ready had a big adventure.

Jackie said...

I love unpainted brick too (it never has to be re-painted!).

It sounds like you had a delightful trip. I've often thought of visiting a couple of presidential libraries to see all the historical items. It must be amazing what has been thoughtfully kept!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

What a fun post! I loved seeing all your 9 patches in places along the way! That would be fun to do, so I'm going to have to remember that!

Kathy S. said...

Love those bluebonnets. Someday it's on my bucket list to see them. Glad you had a great travel.