Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Slow zone

Ever notice how time seems to fly, but construction work just get slower and slower.  In all fairness to our contractor though, we had a little hail storm come through here that put a halt to the planned work on the house, in order to replace the roof on our house and my parents house.

Here is where we are in the renovation as of this afternoon.  New roof, completed porch, nearly all railing done, shutters on front of house, door painted. Still need gutters, windows and wood trim wrapped with vinyl, some trellis work along ramp and step, but hey its almost done!  On to the sides and back.

 Not much sewing going on.  Everything is packed up and moved to other parts of the house. All that is left in my sewing area is my desk, chair and computer.  My husband's area is nearly as bare, and my design wall is looking pretty drab.  But we are making progress and I can hardly wait to start putting it all back together.  I have stuff to give away, throw away and put away(much more neatly).  I have been using this time to quilt on my Circus Stars quilt and it is almost 3/4 done - woohoo.

And finally, just to add to all the fun in our neighborhood, we have been invaded by Cicada bugs.  They only come out from underground every 13 years and they make a terrible racket.  According to Wikipedia, the noise they make is their mating "music" and once the female lays her 200+ eggs, the little Cicadas drop to the ground, burrow their way underground and don't reappear until thirteen years later when they take on this lovely appearance.  They actually come out of this skin and turn into soemthing totally different - check out Cathi's blog, Shakerwood Primitives, to see what the Cicada looks like after it sheds its shell. 
That's all my news for today.  Lets say a prayer for the folks in Alabama, Virginia and along the Mississippi River.  We are being threatened with another hail storm tonight, but that is nothing compared to the raging flood waters along the Mississippi and the devasting tornados that Alabama and Virginia endured.

God Bless,


Raewyn said...

how exciting tobe nearing the end of construction - you willhave lots of fun getting your sewing space back to order, I;m sure. We have a lot of cicadas here in NZ and their sound reminds me so much of summer. When the kids were little they used to love hunting for the discrded shells.

Ellen said...

I thought I emailed you some pictures of a cicada bug - but I guess the skin is the only one that came through! :) Love you!!!

Julie Fukuda said...

Cicadas song signals the end of summer here in Japan. It may seem slow to you but the work is looking good. I like the shutters and as long as the work is quality I shouldn't mind the time.

Leeanne said...

At our house there was quite a racket with cicadas here in New Zealand.Your house is looking great, I'm sure you are keen to get sewing!
We are meant to be getting a new roof in the next few weeks too.
P.s isn't it a bit like waiting for the jug to boil? The waiting for construction , I mean.

julieQ said...

So glad all the construction turmoil is coming to a close for you. That is so interesting about the Cicadas!

Mary Burn said...

Your house is looking great. Can't wait to see all the inside renovations. I know it takes a long time to get things finished. It took us about 3 months to get our kitchen done. Missed you last night at Donna's.

See you soon.

Carole said...

How exciting! I know the feeling of not being to have access to your sewing area - we do major renovations to our 150 year old home every two years! However, that's where hand work comes in. I always have a basket of hand work in the waiting. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hello Teresa, I enjoyed your post about the cicadas....13 years seems such along time...nearly to the end of your reno....Hugs Lyn

Carrie P. said...

One day you will have a great sewing space again.
I do not like Cicadas at all. We have the 17 years ones here.