Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lots of work in progress!

I just had to share this picture with you all.   One morning, I came out to go to work and this is what I found on my car window.  The detail of this "eagle" image was amazing - you could actually see the outlines of the feathers.  What you cannot see, is the fine drawing in the center of the bird's beak and head - I promise it looked just like an eagle, but much smaller.   My sister-in-law spotted a blue bird pecking at my side mirrow a couple of days later, and I guess that is what made the image, but it sure got my day off to a good start.   Unfortunately, there was no one home at the time for me to share this with.  :(

The last 6 weeks, all I have accomplished in the quilting area is hand quilting on my circus stars quilt and English paper piecing my hexies.  I am getting close to having all the stars quilted and that is exciting.  Also, I only have a couple more rows of hexies to make and then I can start working on the borders.   Yea!

The reason for all the handwork is that this is what my sewing room looks like  and this is what all my stuff looks like. (well some, there are several piles like this).   Its an unsettling mess at my house right now, with workmen in and out, piles of my and my husband's "stuff" in every room except the bathrooms and kitchen.  I keep telling myself, its going to be so nice when it is all done...WHENever that will be. We have a great contractor, and he is doing excellent quality work, so I just need to be patient - so everyone keeps telling me.

I have made good use of having all my stuff out where I can see it, as I have started organizing and giving away and throwing away - all those things that you plan to get around to some day.  Here is the start of the shelving unit that goes back into the storage closet.   Progress is definitely being made in that area and that feels soooooooo good.

So that is my life right now - living in a construction zone.  I am not complaining, ok, maybe a little complaining.  My heart goes out to all those people who have lost their homes and loved ones and are dealing with days on end with no power and total destruction of neighborhoods. 



StitchinByTheLake said...

This too shall pass. Or at least that's what they say! blessings, marlene

Julie Fukuda said...

You have made the point well. The suffering that nature has left lately makes our inconveniences look small indeed. Happy anticipation!

Floss said...

I know it can be hard, I have be putting off booking the work to our basement as I know I will have to take the sewing room totally apart, and I really want to get some sewing done before then. Looks like I'll be joining you in doing handwork

Helen (Mimi) said...

It will be so worth it when you get it all done. It seems like it takes forever, but when you look back you will forget the "trying" times.


Thimbleanna said...

I feel your construction pain -- our kitchen is a big mess now. But like you, I'm not complaining -- we could have it so much worse and hopefully by the end of the summer it will all be over! Good Luck with all of your work!

Candace said...

Looks like you've got a little ways to go, but it will be wonderful when it's done. Love the car window picture. Hopefully, if the bird flew into your window he was just stunned and ok. Is that what happened, he flew into it.

Purple Pam said...

Great progress on your circus quilt. The construction process is stressful, but the end result will be worth it I am sure.

Anonymous said...

Hello Teresa, looking forward to seeing the Circus quilt when it is quilted....the construction phase will soon pass.....a new sewing room to look forward to...Hugs lyn