Monday, November 1, 2010

Jenny Beyer Studio

I have been wanting to visit this studio for years, and Saturday we left home early enough to get to Great Falls, Virginia so that I could visit before closing time.  Oh, how I wish I lived close enough to take classes here.

I have admired Jenny Beyer quilts for some time now.  Her use of color and design just continue to amaze me.  The shop was filled with her quilts, fabrics and patterns and I was just in awe. 

The staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful - it was a wonderful experience to visit this shop and I highly recommend it to anyone in the area - just outside of Washington, DC.  They gave me permission to take pictures inside and I have a few to show, but my photographic skills, or maybe its my camera, are very lacking.  But here are a few shots anyway.

I tried to get a shot of the view from our hotel window here in Washington, so I held the lens right up to the glass and turned off the flash.  Its especially pretty at night when all the buildings are lit up and you can see the Washington Monument in the distance.  The trees are gorgeous here now and there is a brilliant orange and yellow one below my window.

Speaking of trees - the colors in Virginia on the trip up are simply amazing.  When we left Great Falls we came through McLean Va to get to DC - unbelievable mansions and all the colors of Fall - a very nice ride in.

And finally - someone asked if I had brought along some handwork, and well of course, what good quilter leaves home without some handwork?  I had it all neat and tidy in my little plastic box and was going to take a picture to show you - but, when I reached for it - I dumped it all out on the floor.  So here it is, crammed back into the box, somewhat in disarray. 

The conference has been wonderful, I have learned tons of compliance policies that I wish I did not know at this point as I have my work cut out for me when I get back to work.  Hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow and don't forget to VOTE.



Jackie said...

I'd love to visit JB's Studio one day. I'd really love to take a class from her!

Julie Fukuda said...

Did you see my son in DC? Ha Ha, I saw pictures of the crowds!
I didn't know that studio was in the area. Maybe next time I am there I will have to tear mself away from family to make a visit.

Marilyn Robertson said...

How fun! Don't you just love it when you sewing supplies get turned upside down! Ugh! Been there and done that!

Shakerwood said...

I went to JB's studio many years ago on a family vacation. I went in with DD#1 while the rest stayed out on the front porch "napping". Worked out best for all of us!

Have fun and can't wait for next Saturday!!

Karen said...

I went to the Jinny Beyer quilt symposium in Hilton Head a number of years ago. I understand that she no longer does that. My first quilt teacher took several classes from Jinny and taught her methods.

*karendianne. said...

Oh my gosh you're so fortunate and so are we for you sharing with us. Plus, I'm more aware of things now. I once thought I could quilt but now, gosh, now I'm sure what I do is just play around. This level is just serious talent!!!

Leeanne said...

Teresa thank you for your sweet comment on my blog...the mini Hexagon look lovely don't they? They are 1/2" sides! Tiny but cute.

Wendy said...

How neat to visit her studio. I wish mine looked so clean and neat. Maybe add a few bolts of fabric LOL. Such a treat to go there.

Rosemary Green said...

I have been going to DC at least 3 times a year for 8 years and certainly will add a Jenny Beyer Studio visit to my agenda for future trips. Thanks for sharing on your blog.