Friday, October 29, 2010

What were YOU thinking?????

On my last post, I ended by saying I was running off to join the circus!  Out of 297 hits on my blog since that post, only ONE person commented on my running off to join the circus, and that was Thimbleanna who was intrigued by the idea.  One of my best friends did email me and ask what I was up to.  Now really......were you not even curious?  Did you think that was a perfectly normal thing for me to be doing?  Maybe you figured out what I was up to, or just thought - You go girl!

Well, I have some pictures to show you from my joining the circus....Circus Stars that is.

Know what this is?  Why its an empty project box - the operative word being EMPTY. 

And here is my quilt top spread out on our bed. This is a queen size bed and the top completely covers it with at east a 14 inch drop on each side. 
The next step will be to get it basted together so that I can start handquilting it.  I plan to use the big stitch quilting with these absolutely gorgeous threads from YLI.  Thank you Jane for helping me pick them out. These are Pearl Cotton #8 with wonderful names like Monet,  VanGogh, Renoir, etc.

In the spirit of the process pledge, I want to show you one hint I came up with in the later stages of joining these stars together.  Of course, I only had a few rows left when I came up with this, but it really helped these tired old eyes.  Many of the joining seams had to exactly cross a seam joint which on some seams was not a problem to see, but where the fabric was black and I was using black thread - I could not see where the "crosshairs" were to make sure I hit it just right.  I found that by taking a white chalk pencil and coloring the space where the "crosshairs" were, I could see with no problem where to sew across.
Well, that is it for now. In the morning I leave for the big circus - Washington, DC.  I will be at a conference all week. [I voted absentee ballot.] I hope to work in a visit to the Jenny Beyer Studio. I mean really - all work and no play is not being politically correct.

Have a great week!


Jackie said...

Congratulations on an empty project box. It's a beautiful quilt!

Julie Fukuda said...

That is really stunning and I am waiting to see how that quilting works out.
That project box looks a bit lonely. I hope you have a bit of take-along work to do while you're waiting for the elephants and donkeys to clear the ring.
Go where you like but just keep posting!

Carol said...

Teresa it is absolutely gorgeous. What a great idea to color the crosshairs...thank you so much for sharing. Have lots of fun in Washington!

Marilyn Robertson said...

What a stunning quilt! I will be watching to see your big stitch quilting. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Teresa, you made me laugh...running away to the circus....I have a true story...a friends young niece went to the circus when it was in town...and fell in love with one of the chaps....they now have a motorcycle act together...we went last year to see them....I said to young Jess...what on earth did your mum say....she shrugged and said the had to get used to it....hugs lyn

Candace said...

It's glorious, a beautiful pattern and jewel like colors.