Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Let Freedom Ring" Give-a-way

I am home from Washington and still feeling that patriotic pride that I always get when we have elections in this country.  I don't approve of all the mudslinging campaigns, but you have to admit, the freedom to vote your conscience is something we should take pride in and never for granted.

I won this pattern at the Quilters of SC Retreat a few weeks ago.  As much as I like the pattern, I know I will never make it, so I thought, what better time of year to place it in the hands of someone that will make it.  So I am giving it away.  Just leave me a post that you would like to have it, and I will draw a name on Sunday, Nov.14.  (Please make sure I have a way to contact you - either via blog or email.)

I thought I would share with you the process I go through to thread baste a quilt for handquilting.  I am so happy to have this one finally at that stage.  Today I had to piece the backing and batting, and once done, I laid the quilt sandwich (backing-batting-top) on the floor - just to make sure I had the top somewhat centered in the sandwich. But no way am I going to try to baste this on the floor - I dont' think my knees or back to take it. 

So I carefully fold the top and bottom ends into the center and carry it to my cutting table.  Here is is on the table and I start with the center of the quilt first.     I use those big binder clips to first fasten one side to the table.  Once clipped in place, I fold back the top and batting layers and smooth out the backing, then I lay the batting down and make sure it is smooth, and then the top.  Next step is to clip the top to the table on all four sides.

In basting the three layers together, I use some cheap thread that I have had way too long to remember, double thread the needle.  I use a spoon to help with the basting, sticking the needle into the spoon which causes the needle to curve upwards and makes basting much easier.  (Looks like I should have gotten a manicure before this picture was taken.)

 Just to keep myself amused and hopefully from concentrating on the pain in my back from bending over the table for hours, I put a book on tape in the cd player.   I find this really does help and today I basted for three hours without even realizing how long it had been.  The book I am listening to is "The Heir" by Johanna Lindsey.  I have not read (or listened) to her books before and got this one because it was on sale at Books a Million for $5.97.  Its actually a pretty good book, so far.

So that is my process for thread basting a quilt.  Next step - hand quilting!


julieQ said...

I too have a tough time crawling around on the you find that stitch basting is better than pin basting? Thank you for letting me enter your giveaway...I love the pattern!

Sherrill said...

LOVE your completed top and the basting instructions. Maybe one of these days I'll give it a try!! And that pattern you're giving away is adorable--would LOVE to win. Thanks for the great giveaway!!

Linda said...

Your quilt top is gorgeous, and I appreciate knowing how you do thread-basting. I don't often use that method since I free motion machine quilt, but the next time I hand quilt, I'll sure keep in mind your idea to use a spoon. Great tip!

I'm a nutter for audiobooks. Thankfully, I get to check out audio downloads from our public library which I then transfer to my Ipod. It's awesome. I highly recommend the book "The Help." Happy listening!

Julie Fukuda said...

Your quit top is beautiful.
I have to admit I never thought of basting a quilt in any place other than where I laid it out.
I usually pin my quilt first just in case I need to use the floor for something else before I can get finished.
I am so glad that at my age I can still get down and crawl all over because, although Japanese houses these days are beginning to have western style rooms, much of life is lived on the floor ... one room being used for many purposes.
I buy spools of basting thread in yellow, pink or blue. I have a spoon I press into service as well.

Shakerwood said...

You know where to find me!! I pin baste a good bit but I have much less trouble with the basting if I do thread basting. Sometimes pin basting just goes faster.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Teresa I'm so glad you posted this - I struggle with sandwiching my quilts. I mostly resort to fusible batting which is ok because I machine quilt them. But even at that the backing often has a wrinkle or two. I would baste like you but my cutting table is a cabinet against the wall so that won't work. My kitchen table would work even though it's too low and would certainly cause a backache, but it's so thick those binder clips won't fit on it! Got any suggestions for something else to hold the quilt on the table? blessings, marlene

*karendianne. said...

This is a masterpiece! Very interesting (and helpful) re: teh basting instructions. I didn't know about this spoon deal. Thanks!

gill said...

I nearly always thread baste - I find it so much more secure (it plays havoc with your knees though - all that kneeling!!)
I'd love to enter your giveaway for the pattern if it's open to us in the UK?????

Joyce said...

Clamps from Lowe's will hold a quilt on any table. Teresa, do you have the risers on each leg of your table? You know, the bed risers that you can get from bed bath and beyond? They will bring your table to a height that will make it easier to pin or hand baste. You could get your favorite longarm quilter to baste your quilt for you on her machine.

Candace said...

I usually do Sharon Schamber's board method, but I have what I call my monster quilt which is probably about the size of yours to do, and I will probably use your method for it. My table and board's aren't long enough for this quilt. Thank you for the instructions. I am like you and love the pattern, but wouldn't make it, so no need to include me in your giveaway.

Karen said...

I love the pattern!

debbientombstone said...

Love the timing and the pattern, and Thank your for your blog

Erin Marsh said...

I love this quilt! I think your color choices are amazing! I would love to know where you found this pattern if you don't mind sharing! My e-mail is thanks!

Carrie P. said...

Stunning quilt!