Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rain rain, go away....

We want SNOW!!! The weather forecast had been for snow all day today and accumulations up to 6 inches, maybe higher. We got the snow boots ready, got my sewing all lined up, made a big pot of vegetable beef soup and cornbread, and all we have is messy sloppy rain! Guess I shouldn't complain though, as we desparately need the rain. Still a good day to stay indoors and could still snow yet. Supposedly started snowing in Atlanta about 2 hours ago, so should be on the way here too.
Today is Primary day in South Carolina. Hubby and I were up early and at the polls to cast our ballots. Voting always makes me feel so proud to be an American!
Woohooooooo..the snow just now started coming down! I love to watch the snow. Got to go and put some coffee on now.
My nieces (Joy and Cindy) came over for their first quilting experience today.

Joy arrived first and cut out her 56 nine inch blocks to make her quilt. She finished the top today and we got it all set for tying and off she went home to tie it there, just incase the snow did start to fall. Here she is, sewing away on my old New Home machine. I meant to get a picture of the top before she left here, but we were so excited to start tying it, that I forgot. She will bring it back to do the binding and I will get one then. She did a great job, and I think she is a natural when it comes to quilting.

Cindy wanted to make a tulip quilt, so her very first experience in quilting, including learing how to use a rotary cutter, paper piece, thread and operate a sewing machine. She did great. I also showed her how to design a quilt in EQ6 and she came up with her own quilt layout for the quilt. Today she finished one tulip block and put borders on it as a sewing lesson.
Now to sit and quilt and watch the snow fall outside my window.

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