Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Think Spring!

Oh boy, oh boy - snow is in our forecast. I just hope it is not ice instead. Living in South Carolina we do not see much snow and everyone gets so excited when it is in the forecast.
Two of my nieces are coming over Saturday for an introduction to quilting - or maybe I should say sewing, as neither has done much sewing. Joy is going to make a patchwork quilt of 9inch square blocks. We went on a fabric buying trip last week and she had fun selecting her fabrics, and she has a natural talent for color combinations. She is going to tie the quilt, so hopefully will be able to use it this winter. Saturday will be all about learning to use a rotary cutter, and how to thread a sewing machine and how to sew a straight 1/4 inch seam.
Now Cindy - she wanted tulips. So I got busy on EQ6 and designed the wall hanging for her to try out. The tulips are paperpieced and for now, she is just going to make one tulip to try it out. I like the wall hanging so much, I think I will have to make one for my office.
Here's a pic of the EQ6 drawing and I call it "Think Spring!" since we are in the middle of winter with snow and ice in the forecast.
I think our lunch Saturday will be a big pot of homemade vegetable beef soup with cornbread. Anyone care to join us?
I will be sure to take some pics of their progress!


Crazy for Primitive Quilts & Gardens said...

Oh that sounds so yummy and such fun to teach! I got a chance to teach wool applique to a group of kids and it was really fun for all of us. I love the pattern! Post a pic if you do one too. Would love to see it! Have a fun time!

Darlene said...

Welcome to blogland! I'll be back to visit again!

I'm Texas born, too. :-)