Sunday, December 1, 2019

Pemberley quilting as of Nov 30

As I mentioned in prior post, I am keeping a log of the time I spend hand quilting on my Pemberley quilt.  I am already surprised how many hours I spent just since November 16.  So I thought I would start posting an update on the first of each month, recording how much I get done and the hours spent that month. This is what I accomplished November 16 - November 30; 28 1/4 hours.  The white area around the center oval has quilting completed for most of the white applique outlines.  I still have to cross hatch this area. I did not get a very good picture of the back, but will try to do  better next month.  I am please with the look of the quilting though as I think it has a kind of whole cloth look to it.  I am outlining all the applique and then using either vertical lines or cross hatching to fill in behind the applique.

I have also been doing some Christmas decorating.  I decided to use a quilt I made in 2008 as a bed cover in the guest room.  It is New York Beauty style blocks, and I designed the layout, machine paper pieced the blocks and machine quilted it and named it Christmas Beauty.   The quilt is queen size, but was not made to be a bed spread, and therefore did not have a big enough drape to cover the sheet.  Sooooooooooo….I added some white eyelet lace to the sheet to match the dust ruffle and then just laid the quilt to top of that.  (Well actually there is another quilt under the top quilt, but it is does not show up).  This is the first time I have  used the quilt since I made it. I have out of town company coming Tuesday and I hope she enjoys this quilt.

I finished the floral panel quilt in October and forgot to show a completed picture  on this blog - so here it is.  If you enlarge the quilt, you should be able to see the beading and chain stitching I added to the inner border.

Well, that's all for now.  Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed the photos.



Frog Quilter said...

Beautiful. The flowers look real, a great accomplishment.

Denise :) said...

It's amazing to see the hours of handwork add up, isn't it?! That's why those are priceless pieces! Enjoy your slow stitching! :)