Sunday, April 22, 2018

Happy Quilt

This is a Row by Row printed in McCall's Quilting Magazine, 2016 as a mystery quilt with each issue having the next row.  I am making it in primary, scrappy colors and when I look at it, it just makes me happy - So the quilt is now named HAPPY.  

The plan for this quilt is to use it in my grandkids play room where there is a twin bed, and thus I need to make it "sturdy."  The pattern called for fusible applique, but I am doing the method my Mom taught me of turning the edges under with a running stitch and then blanket stitch over that, leaving the basting stitches in.  Only difference is I am machine blanket stitching since handwork work is a challenge for me these days. 

Having fun with this pattern - next row is made of churn dash blocks, one of my favorites.  There is the row of squares between each of the other rows. Several of the women in my club are making this one with me and we are trying out different techniques on each row.  Its fun to see it being put together with different fabric themes.

Recently I purchased sunglasses with reader biofocals. I needed a case  that would easily fit in my purse.  After searching the internet for some patterns I combined two different patterns to make this simple case with the Seminole pieced insert.  This was a fun quick project.

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makes me happy too!!