Saturday, July 22, 2017

Triangle Frenzy

This week I took a break from the Bali Wedding Star to just work on some fun projects.  I took a class on Monday on how to make this block using a 15 Degree ruler. 

The workshop was taught by Patti Cline and Cindy Page of Quilter's Gallery.

The block was so much fun to make, that I made four of them and turned them into a table runner. The runner is 60" long which is great for my dining table or buffet.


When I had the four completed, I discovered one was considerably bigger than the other three - at least 1 inch.  Now how did that happen?? It was pretty obvious too, as the edges of the "spokes" were right on the edge of the fabric, while the others were about half an inch in from the edge.

My solution was to add a white border around all the blocks and then square them up to 15 inches....worked good and it is actually difficult to tell which is the larger of the four. 

I also chose a simple linear quilting pattern, alternating between horizontal and vertical lines to hide the fact that the borders are different sizes.  All in all, I think it is ok.

From here, I moved to a 60 Degree triangle and made this cute table runner, using The Triangle Frenzy Hexagon pattern by Bunnie Cleland.  This was fun and easy to make. 

I am thinking of donating this to my guild for their auction, but am concerned about the black binding...not sure people will like that black.  But it was the only color I thought looked good with the fabric.

The backing is fabric with all over poppies that I just love.  I machine quilted it with a simple linear pattern following the pattern of the hexagon.

Also  with the 60 Degree ruler, I made a Christmas Tree Skirt.  Once again, not sure about that black binding for Christmas, but the greens and reds I tried just did not work for me.
So now, its back to the Bali Wedding Star - this week was productive and fun and not nearly as tense as that Bali quilt. 
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