Sunday, May 28, 2017

May Progress

May is almost over and I thought I would recap what I have done during the month.  This was a big month for us with Mother's Day, three birthdays (mine, my granddaughter and my daughter-in-law), my wedding anniversary (43 years) and a spur of the moment trip to Abingdon, Va.  Its all be fun, just lots to do.

Besides making three quilts for baby shower at church, I finished a table runner for my Daughter-in-law, Holli.  The block is called 3D Folded Box and there is a tutorial for making the block, by Donna Lynn Thomas.
Also this month, as shown in earlier posts, I completed 8 flower basket blocks made by my Mom and gave them to her granddaughters for Mother's Day and a very special baby quilt for my granddaughter due to arrive June 30.
Worked on the RSC 4-patch blocks for my Jack's Chain quilt; completing all the green blocks for May by May 21.  These are a ton of fun to do, and I am looking forward to June 1 to find out what the color for June will be.
Completed blocks 9 and 10 for the Star of Bethlehem quilt - just two more to do.  I got those prepped and ready to start this morning.  Getting close to having this top ready to quilt :)

I am caught up on my Blockhead BOW projects.  I have the first 11 blocks done, and will make #12 tomorrow.  My good friend Cheryl has been sewing with me the last couple of days and we are encouraging each other to forge ahead.   The one in the middle of the second row and the one on the top row far right, will have to be redone.  When I first started this project, blue was going to be my background color, but I decided that was just a little much.  So now I am just using it in most of the blocks, but have a neutral color background.  I have also decided to add a green, and maybe a red as accent colors as well as I fear I will run out of the blue.  If I would make the blocks right, the first time and not have to recut a second or third time, I might have enough blue! The basket on the far left, third row is the first I have added the green, 
I taught a class in Stab Quilting this month and think I have converts to this method of quilting. Had to prepare for 10 students, putting together enough quilt sandwiches for them to work on and gathering supplies.  Here is mine, partially done.  I will be repeating this in June for the ones that could not make the May meeting, so I did not want to finish it at this point( that's my story and I am sticking with it)
I did manage to complete one more baby quilt and have another in the binding stage for a church baby shower on June 25.  Just one more to do after that and I will be caught up for 2017.  Surely if there were some more to arrive this year, we would already know about it...right?  Keeping my sore fingers crossed.  I will show pictures of those when they are done.
And last, but not least is my neglected, lonely Irish Chain/Dresden Plate quilt that I am hand quilting.  It has not received much attention for the last two months, but as soon as I get off here, I am going to go and watch Poldark on Amazon, and stitch away on this patient quilt. 
Hope you have a peaceful, relaxing Sunday,





scraphappy said...

Your folded 3-D blocks are beautiful. Enjoy your quiet hand stitching on Sunday. Slow and steady!

Magpie Sue said...

Nobody can accuse you of being a slacker! Love the projects you made for family members.

Jennifer said...

wow! you have been busy! I like your green 9 patches- no wonder those simple blocks are so timeless- you can do so much with them!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Congrats! on completing all of your GREEN 9-Patch blocks for your Jack's Chain AND the table runner for your DIL. I'm sure she's going to LOVE it... I do!!

Julie Fukuda said...

Well, if this was a competition, you have won hands down. Not likely that boredom will set in any time soon.

PaulaB quilts said...

Your table runner is great. The Folded Box is my favorite, but I only do one a month for RSC at 12 inches. Next time I need to do a runner, that will be,first choice. How big are your blocks? You have really gotten a lot done, all of them have your touch. I so agree that those two blocks should be,changed, but you can use them for something else, maybe patriotic. Have a good week sewing.

Purple Pam said...

Wow! You have been a busy bee this month for sure. Glad it was a good month for you.