Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Aurifil BOM #3

My version of the Improv Star, designed by Christa Watson, for the Aurifil BOM being hosted by Pat Sloan. Christa chose a "crazy quilt" look for her center, but I liked a more structured look.




I delivered this quilt yesterday to a sweet baby boy who became apart of our church family in December. Hope he enjoys the bright colors and flappy caterpillar heads.


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Julie Fukuda said...

The block is great and the baby quilt is so colorful and creative. I will have to take notes on that one for future baby quilts ... mine are beginning to all look alike.

Purple Pam said...

Cute little caterpillar quilt. I see you have all your caterpillars going the same way now! LOL!

Ruth said...

The caterpillars are just adorable!