Sunday, November 2, 2014

Poor Little Tattered Puppy

I made my grandson a quilt 4 years ago, given to him on his 7th birthday. He requested a dog quilt and I found this cute Buggy Barn pattern. Yesterday he brings it to me and tells me how he sleeps with it every night but it has gotten some "holes" in it and could I repair them. So I am thinking, he has torn the binding or maybe a little tear in one of the patches, easy enough to fix...right? Wrong!

The fabric has desentegrated! I used this fabric twice in the quilt, once for the body of the dog and once for the background. Thank goodness I only used it twice. I checked all the other fabrics and they are holding up just fine. I make lots of scrappy quilts and now I am wondering just how many of the other quilts I have and have given away, did I use the fabric in.

I cut out paper patterns of the dog body and will applique new body parts on. The other I will have to think a little more on, since it is the background piece. The quilt was quilted by a "long-armer" and I don't want to take out the quilting, so I am thinking after I have the fabric repaired I will attempt to machine quilt from the back following the quilt pattern.

This is going to be a real challenge, and my grandson emphasized to me that he sleeps with it EVERY night - no pressure there. I may have to let him borrow another quilt to sleep with for awhile!

Big southern sigh,



Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Well, if that doesn't beat all! What a disappointing discovery; wishing you the best of luck with your repairs... when all is said and done, though, I'd much rather know that a quilt was well used and loved to pieces rather than "stored away" in pristine condition. You should be flattered at how much he loves it; it's adorable, I know you'll be happy when it's back in your granson's hands once again!

Love Of Quilts said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

Purple Pam said...

Too bad that fabric did not last. I think it is cute that your grandson emphasized that he sleeps with this quilt EVERY night. What a wonderful story, except for the bad fabric. Happy New Year.