Saturday, August 4, 2012

Daddy's Irises

I have not have much to blog about lately as I have been working on kits for various workshops and handquilting a quilt hopefully to have done in time for my guild's quilt show.  I did finish this one project though - a workshop by Aimee Griffin, of Overall Quilter. This was something new to me as it involved fusible applique and thread painting.  I thoroughly enjoyed the day and the project and have several other of her patterns I want to make in the future.....way into the future. 

I have been writing my Do-si-Do pattern for the twisted pinwheel  block.  I have to get this completed and ready for a work shop in October at the Quilters of South Carolina.  I had the pattern in pieces, a snippet here and there and have worked very diligently the last few days to get it completed, which I did this afternoon.  Now all I need is the cover picture, which is another challenge since it involves a Fall Table Runner, a Christmas Bed Runner and Queen size quilt (which is still under construction.)   I took advantage of the sunshine to see if I could get some nice pictures outside, but my skills with a camera leave much to be desired.  Maybe my photographer daughter will take pity on me???  (Are you reading this Ellen?)

And I close with this picture of a very lonely guinea.  She used to be part of a flock of around 10 or 12 which also included a wild turkey.  They "belonged" to my neighbor but made themselve at home in all our yards.  I loved seeing them and always got a smile at the turkey roaming with them  I think he/she was hiding from hunters.

Anyway, the flock has dwindled down to this one lonely guinea.  She has discovered the patio window at my parents home, and each morning goes down to visit her "friend" which is actually her reflection in the window. She just clucks and structs and carries on a sight.  I think we need to find her a companion!

That's it for now.  Hope you are all staying cool and getting a lot more done that I seem to be able to do these days.

Happy stitchin,


Ellen J said...

I was actually thinking that your pictures were great!! :) I can help you some though if you'd like. :)

Maybe I can get a guinea egg to hatch! That'd be fun, right?!

Love you!!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh how sad! That poor little guinea needs a friend. ;-( Looks like you've been working on some fun projects!

Cyndi loves to stitch said...

I love the twister with the appliqued ornaments, waht a cool idea! Being a ruler & template gadget junkie, I have all 3 sizes but have yet to use them, was just going to buy the big one. But then they said from the scraps of the big one you can make then med size and from those scraps the mini, SO, I was suckered in. She saw me coming!!! lol!

Purple Pam said...

Your thread project is wonderful. I really want to take a thread painting class. I love the results I have seen using that technique. Poor lonely little guinea!

Carrie P. said...

Writing patterns takes a lot of work. I wrote one for a class I taught last year. I don't think I will be doing that much.