Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Now how did that get there??????

Have you ever gotten something caught in your quilt sandwich and discovered an unusual bump once the quilting was done? 

Think about just leaving it there as a kind of curiousity for the future? 

Hmmmmmm....well I did...see that kind of odd shaped bump there? 

It's hard, too!
After about 15 minutes of picking (but not grinning - remember HeeHaw?)  I started to get a peek at what my "treasure" was.         Going to have to actually remove some of the quilting though to get it out - now that is a real shame. I worked hard getting those quilting stitches in there.

Now how the heck did that get in there!   I think  have a screw loose somewhere :(

I finished quilting this top on my John Flynn frame.  Several of you have mention that you are waiting to hear how I liked it.  The jury is still out on that one. It definitely has its limitations, the operator being the main one.  I need to practice more before I can decide if I like it or not.    

I found it cumbersome to keep the rollers from rolling off the table, and the quilting area to be very restrictive. Basically you can quilt around a 6 inch wide strip across the width of your quilt before you have to roll the quilt back up and reveal another 6 inch wide strip to use.  As you get towards the end of your quilt, the quilted quilt roll is all on the roller that is behind your needle and your quilting area becomes a little smaller.
On  a more positive note, I found it kept the quilt very nice and tight without any pleats or wrinkles under the quilt. Once I unrolled the batting from the roller and let it hang free [don't we all like to hang free :) ] the process went a lot easier as I could see more of the quilting space and move the machine easier.  I am thinking this will be a great tool for basting a quilt for hand quilting!  I'll let you know how t goes the next time I try it out.

Saturday, we traveled to Charleston, SC to see Ellen (daughter) and Aaron (son) run in the Cooper River Bridge 10k run.   There were 40,000 runners and it was amazing to see them all coming across the finish line.  We missed my son coming across - it was really hard to spot them in the crowd - there were 700 people per minute according to the announcer coming by.  Ellen is in the center of the picture waving.  Notice the fence with the banners?  I think the fence was a great idea with that many people coming across, you gotta keep them moving or a bottleneck forms real fast, but did they have to cover the fence with the banners - couldn't they have hung them a little lower so we could actually see our loved ones cross the finish line???  We managed to find a high spot to watch, but that is why the picture is so far a way. No time to zoom in as they were moving right along.

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Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- that screw is really interesting. I've had tucks and sewn extra fabric into a quilt, but haven't had problems with something like that! LOL. You hit on my two biggest complaints with the Flynn Frame -- small quilting area (although that's partly a function of our machines) and those dumb pipes always roll off of the table. I'm sure the solution is to create some sort of barrier for them on the edge of the table, but I've just never done that.

Floss said...

I am glad that you got the screw out, that could have been a nasty surprise for someone to find later.

em's scrapbag said...

I've never caught anything in the middle of my sandwich but I've quilted a lot of things onto the back of my quilt including the pattern. Now that was pretty funny.

Purple Pam said...

I did find a pin in a finished quilt once. It was easy to remove. I just opened a seam and pushed the pin toward the opening. Then I stitched it back up when the pin was out. But a screw? How did that get there?

Anonymous said...

Hello Teresa, oh my, unbelievable a screw was in there.....Hugs Lyn