Saturday, April 9, 2011

All Hail broke loose tonight!

Unbelievable!!!   I have never seen hail this big before.  I stood on my porch and "listened" to it come.  The sky was so weird, and then it started getting colder and then I heard the racket coming through the woods. 

My husband scooped these up from out front yard after the storm passed.  absolutely incredible.

A couple of hours later, another storm came through, much smaller hail this time, but the winds and rain were something else.   The roof in my sewing room started leaking, never has before, so I am afraid we may have some roof damage.

I want to send out a thank you to Janet at A Hug Delights.  I won a one year subscription to Quick Quilts, offered as a give away on her blog.  I just love reading Janet's blogs about farm life in South Dakota. So different from the life style I lead, but we share a common interest in quilting.  Drop on over to her blog and see all the snow!

My quilt club, Stitchin Friends met today.  We were small in number today, but big in fellowship and good times.  We worked on our double wedding ring table runner and I promised to show how the rows go together on my blog, as we did not get quite that far in today's class.

Half my design wall is yellow, the other half white - so that is why it looks so odd.

The table runner has three rows - as I have labeled them in the picture. I think there are probably several ways you can put this together, but this is the way I am doing it.

How about this Darlene R - you do have to make some of the complete circles - see you did it right after all.

Row 1 is composed of two blocks. 

The first block just has two melons sewn to the center piece,  to the left and top sides. 

The second block has all four melons sewn on.

Make sure you check the order of the melons as you sew them on to make sure you have alternating colors in the four patches where you join the melons.

Row 2 is made up of three blocks.

The first block has all four melon pieces sewn on.  Now this can be tricky - just make sure you have four patch blocks in the correct order, or you are going to be ripping it.

The sescond block just has two melons pieces, sewn on the right and bottom.

The third block just as two melons pieces sewn on  the top and right sides.

Finally the third row has two blocks.

The first block has just has two melon pieces, one on the left and one on the bottom.

The second block all four melon pieces sewn on.

Maybe tomorrow I will have all three rows sewn together and hopefully it will all fit.

Happy Stitchin,


Julie Fukuda said...

Wow! That was some serious hail. I was once in a huge single-story department store in Oregon when hail like that fell. The power went out in an instant and the sound was unbelievable. I'm glad you weren't caught out in it.

The assembly process is easy to understand and I am probably the one un-sewing those places where the four meet.

Carol said...

OMG that hail is unbelievable...

Jackie said...

Hail can cause so much damage. I hope all is well.

The table runner is wonderful!

Joyce said...

We did not even get a drop of rain in Columbia. That line of storms was really nasty. Hope we don't see anymore like that anytime soon.

Belinda said...

Oh WOW girlfriend...get a load of those hail balls...I hope you can get your leaky problem resolved.

Love your 'stitchen friends' project. I have considered this one too.....maybe...someday!!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

That's the largest hail I've seen. We had a hailstorm at 2 AM a few days ago but nothing like yours, WOW!

Double Wedding ring quilts delight my senses and intimidate my sensibility!! Yours is gorgeous.

Floss said...

Love how this is coming together.

Purple Pam said...

Good progress on your Double Wedding Ring. Isn't it great sewing with friends?