Thursday, October 2, 2008

A little of this.....a little of that.....

...and not much of anything to share with you all!

This being Vintage Thursday, I thought I would share one of my treasures with you. This is a cameo necklace that belonged to my maternal Grandmother. Its one of the few things of hers that I have, and it is very special to me.

I have been spending my evenings getting ready for two workshops this month - one being a fall table runner that I call Forever Friends. I have put together kits to make these and will be presenting this project to my club on Saturday, 11th.

And then there is the Cathedral Window workshop that I will be presenting at the Quilters of South Carolina retreat at the end of this month. I have the kits all together and started making a new CW quilt to use as a demo model. I do love this pattern and hope I can present it well enough at the conference to get the ladies coming to my workshop excited about making one. This is a first for me and needless to say, I am just a little aprehensive.

I have stated another NPNT block and finished another friendship block that I hope to be able to show you soon. So00000.....a little of this, a little of that, but nothing "finished."
Happy stitching!


em's scrapbag said...

I alway get way nervous before a class. My mom say it good to get nervous. It makes you do better. I am sure you will do great. Best wishes Em

Robyn said...

Hi there Teresa,
I wanted to thank you for popping by my blog and leaving such a neat message.
I really appreciate knowing that you enjoy popping by.
Funny, I never really feel like I have much to say, but I love that you visit! Thanks heaps

I think it's good to be nervous...You'll be fabulous!!
Have a really great time. I bet everyone else will too.
Love your Cameo too..what a treasure!
God Bless :c)

Robyn xx

Goosey said...

There is plenty there to keep you busy during the winter months Teresa, I'm sure you will do fine once you get going doing your's good when you know your subject really well...and you obviously do! BW Goosey

Jane said...

I love your grandmothers cameo, What a unique color! Too funny as I also received a cameo from my grandmother too ... I'll have to put a pic up of it so you can see it! Its a midnight blue, almost black... Have a great time with your classes

Ellen said...

Hey, Momma! I've started my own blog. Not much there yet, but I thought I'd follow in your footsteps! Love you :)

Debbie said...

Your vintage cameo is beautiful... good luck with the class

Scottish Nanna said...

Love Your Cameo Its A special treasure Good luck with your class.
Hugs Mary.

Robyn said...

thanks again for stoppin by and for commenting on my craft fling :cD
Robyn xx

Hava great day!

Kieny The Dutchlady said...

Just stopped by to see what you are up to. Good luck with class preparations and don't get too nervous, you will do OK.