Sunday, October 12, 2008

Early to bed...Early to rise...

Makes for some great quilting time!!! I must have been really tired yesterday as I went to bed at 9:00pm and woke up ready to go at 4:00am this morning. The house is always so nice and quiet early in the morning, no tv going, everyone sleeping - gotta love that! I want to share some pictures with you of various things and hope you will grab a cup of coffee, as I am doing, and read along.
Kitchen update - we now have a big gaping hole in the wall that separates my dining room from the kitchen. This is actually where a window used to be before we added a deck onto the house which eventually we closed in and made into a dining room.
My daughter-in-law, Holli, sells tupperware, and I promised to do a party for her on October 28..YIKES!! Hubby has promised it will be finished in by then. Sure would be nice if I could get the kitchen painted by then too, but I don't think that is going to happen. Poor hubby got a sliver of steel in his leg yesterday removing the brick on the dining room side of that hole. Took over an hour to get the bleeding to stop even though the cut was very small. He just felt like something was in there, although he could not see it from the outside or feel it - so being the handy carpenter man he is, he whipped out his stud finder, moved it over his leg and sure enough, there was metal in there. Four hours later after a trip to the medical clinic he returned home, with the metal sliver in a jar and funny stories about how he entertained the folks at the medical clinic with his stud finder and leg. His doctor even borrowed it to check out another patients foot that he had removed a nail from to make sure he had gotten all the metal out, LOL. Now this is a non-electronic plastic thingie that he bought probably 20 years ago at Sears for around $1 !
I did a little decorating this morning, hanging my fall wall hanging over the fireplace. Don't look too close as I did not finish the quilting! I want to hand quilt it, but I also want to use it this year - so, I just machine stitched in the ditch around the sashing, and will finish the quilting once I put up the Christmas wall hanging. The pilgrims I found at Tuesday Mornings - one of my all time favorite places to browse and all to often to buy.
My quilt club met yesterday and we worked on our Forever Friends table runner. Here is mine finished and on the coffee table in the living room. This was a lot of fun and most of the ladies just about finished theirs at the meeting.
We meet at Hobby Lobby, and they were having a 50% off sale on all the Fall decorating stuff, so I picked up the candle holder, garland and the Seasons of Thanks shown shown on the mantle.
.....And last, but certainly not least, my two friends, Carol and Cheryl, and I were finally able to swap our September Friendship Blocks this past Wednesday - October 8. You know how it is, life just gets in the way sometimes of doing what we want. Here they are. Cheryl did the cute lil fella in the yellow raincoat and red boots, Carol the delicate pink flower and I did the Autumn maple leaf. We are really having fun with these blocks!
Thanks for dropping by! (I probably should have said that two paragraphs ago.)


StitchinByTheLake said...

I love your wallhanging and the way you've decorated your mantel. This is my favorite season of the year. blessings, marlene

em's scrapbag said...

I love all your fall decorations. Your mantel is quite gorgeous.

Thimbleanna said...

Man, you're a busy girl. Good luck getting the wall fixed by the time of your party. Your decorations look wonderful and the blocks are very cute!

Catherine said...

I love that wallhanging. Very, very pretty. Your mantel looks wonderful.

Toni said...

Love your decorating. Thanks for stopping by my blog..I loved your story of your trip and the leaves..Toni

Ellen said...

I love the wall hanging, Momma! Very nice. :)

Oh, and I love you! You're pretty nice as well. :]


kjquilts said...

Hi Teresa! I love your fall decorations!

Ike missed us by a few hundred miles. We had some wind and some clouds but no rain.

Looks like you are keeping busy. I enjoyed looking at all the projects you have going right now.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Lilly said...

Boy, you have really been busy! I just love the wallhanging. It goes so well with the other things your decorated your mantle with. Great job. Sorry your husband got hurt, but it made a very interesting story. A stud finder as a medical instrument. How cool is that? Thank you for the comment you left on my blog. I am ready for the next installment of the Noah's Ark Stitchery. They have been so much fun.

Marilyn R said...

The stud finder in the Dr.'s office is so funny! What a smart Hubby you have! Love the table runner!

Robyn said...

Hi Teresa :o)
Wow, you've been a busy girl.
Love the hanging and the runner..both fabulous!! Love the colours!!
Hope you get your hole in the wall closed soon.
If you don't...if anyone comments, just say, 'don't you have one of these?'...'I thought it was normal'
Your DH sounds very clever. i could imagine my man doing that too.
I enjoyed catching up with what you're doing.
Robyn xx

Jane said...

Loved looking at your fall holiday decor.. and I love your bright and happy kitchen.. don't stress.. I'm sure your party will go good and hubby will come thru.

Norma said...

Never leave home without your "stud" finder! LOL

Great fall decorations, that wall hanging is wonderful. I am enjoying watching your remodel progress.

Kieny The Dutchlady said...

I hope your kitchen will be finished soon and keep an eye on your husband so he doesn't hurt himself again! Love your decorations. Good luck with hosting the Tupperware party.

Anonymous said...

Hello Teresa, I too love your fall decorating especially the mantel.Your hubby sounds so much like mine, he would have done exactly what your hubby did.LOL.Our G.P. is similar as well.I have no hope, when I go to the doctors. Between both of them.Regards Lyn. PS Hope your renovation, moves along quickly.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I laughed out loud reading about another use for a stud finder. Glad your husband is OK. Love the swap-blocks, especially the little one wearing the raincoat!

julieQ said...

Gorgeous fall colored wall hanging, such a nice job. All your decorations are so inviting and nice.