Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pretty in Pink

I have to answer the call for something pink in my house, and there is plenty of it cause I love pink!!! (as does my daughter and granddaughter. Here you see my sweet little grandaughter and her baby all in pink.

I have also been tagged by Thimbleanna to confess to 7 weird things about myself. Hmmmm...maybe you should ask my friends and family as I am sure there are things I don't really consider weird that they may beg to differ with me. I already admitted to one thing on Thimbleanna website (sorry, I don't know how to post the link - someone care to tell me?).

  1. I am a former "revenuer"! That's right, I try to keep it secret, but I used to be an agent for the Internal Revenue Service and no, we do not get a discount on our taxes.

  2. I have a deaf cat name Felicia that sleeps in a rubbermaid box and knows sign language; also a blind cat named Topsy that has a phobia about going outside of the house and lives under my bed.

  3. People popping and cracking chewing gum drives me up a wall and back down again.

  4. I applique with Coats & Clark, dual-duty all purpose thread!!!! (horrors to all you silk thread advocates)

  5. My family eats English peas with their spaghetti.

  6. My husband and I enjoy exploring old cemeteries and his ancestors are buried in the "Lively Cemetery"

  7. Hmmmm....uhhhhhhh....gee, this is hard. Maybe one of my "friends" or "family" can come up with #7 ?


Ellen said...

My number one answer would have been about Felicia. :)

As for a 7th answer - You're good at Dance Dance Revolution (is that weird?) ... or you have Ellen-moments ...

I can't really think of any other "weird" things about you right now. Maybe one will come later.

-your youngest

Ellen said...

Oh, and happy Valentine's Day, momma!! :)

Thimbleanna said...

Thanks for playing! I loved your answers and I really love that your daughter has helped provide you with a weirdnes LOL! #1 and #2 are VERY interesting (hmmm, I better keep my tax complaining to a minimum!) and my mom and sister are right there with you on #3. Now for linking -- I hope I get this right for blogger. Above the box where you type your entry, you should see a line of symbols for things like bold, italics, a picture (for posting a picture), etc. You want the symbol that looks like and infinity sign or a little chain link. For this example, we'll link to Thimbleanna. ;-) 1. Type a sentence containing "Thimbleanna". 2. Double click on Thimbleanna to get it to highlight. 3. Click on the little link symbol. 4. A box should pop up -- type in my url: "". Then click to save the box (not sure what the button is -- accept? save? Anyway, that should do it. Good Luck! (If there are typos in all of that, please forgive me -- I'm off to bed!)

kjquilts said...

Ok, how about the fact that you drove straight through a hurricane trying to get home from Texas! tee's me!!! Teresa, I didn't know you had a blog! Boy, I'm glad you found me. Miss hearing from you!