Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Dear Jane - Center Blocks

Here she is - 6 years, 5 months and 20 days later from when I made the first block on September 10, 2001. I finished the last of the center blocks this past weekend and tonight got the last row (Row M) sewn to the rest of the rows. She will go back into hiding now for a while as I have my Christmas Beauty quilt top to quilt, a tulip wall hanging to put together and one more baby basketweave quilt to do. But she is used to be allowed to rests between spurts of activity.

Those of you that are DJ enthusiasts (Janiacs) will note that my basket block is upright. I just could not bring myself to turn that block on its side as it is in the book picture. I think I read somewhere that the printer turned the cover picture on its side when he printed the book and the basket is really supposed to be upright anyway.

Prize Block!!!!!

There is one block in my quilt that is my own design and not in the DJ book? Can you find it? The first person to post a comment identifying the correct "wrong" block will get a little gift from me. You can identify the blocks by starting at the top as Row A, next row as Row B all the way to the last row being Row M. Then just count the blocks across 1 through 13. Example...the third block on the top row counting from left to right would be A3, the fourth block from the left on the second row would be it? If not, just describe the block to me that is wrong.....well not really wrong, just my own design.
Happy hunting!


CONNIE W said...

Congratulations on a job very well done. You are an inspiration to me as I'm just beginning my journey.

May Britt said...

It is the M3 block that is your own design isn't it :)

kjquilts said...

I love your Dear Jane quilt! I'm not a Janiac but I can appreciate all the work you have put into this. It's just gorgeous!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow, what an accomplishment! It's just beautiful -- congratulations!

Nadine said...

It's beautiful ! I like the joyful colors...
Guess what ? I am the lucky recipient of May Britt's DJ blocks ! HeeHee...., I made 30, and she gave me 60. I think they'll make a great quilt all together :>)
I also have a DJ to make ... in cross stitch (yes !), it's very nice AND smaller to make. I still don't know when I'll stitch it, but couldn't resist (as usual !LOL)

THANKS for your kind coment on my Blog, dear !

Hugs & smiles to you,