Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How many ways are there to tie a knot????

OK..I have been a girl scout, cub scout den leader, girl scout leader, cookie mom and have been quilting for many years now and I thought I knew all the ways there are to tie a knot. Last night at my applique group meeting (As the Needle Turns - group name) I learned two new ways to intentionally knot thread. I say "intentionally" as I believe there have to be countless ways to unintentionally knot thread - especially silk thread.

The first new knot I learned was when you want to tie that knot right at the eye of the needle to keep your thread from sliding through - a must when working with silk thread. Using one of the handy dandy needle threaders, pull the thread through the eye - it is a loop. Take that loop and pull the needle (point end first) through the loop and it forms a tight knot right at the eye. Now how easy is that?

The other method is a little harder to explain but works like a charm when you are knotting off your thread. On the back side of the fabric, make a very small stitch, leaving the needle in the fabric. This only works if you are working with a single thread - not doubled. Take the thread coming out the right side of the needle eye and cross it over to the left side, going under the needle at the pointed end. Now take the thread coming out the left side of the eye and cross it over to the right side, also going under the needle at the pointed in. Then just pull the needle on through the fabric and you have a very nice flat knot.

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