Wednesday, March 25, 2020

HQ-Day 13 - Face Masks

Received an email from my quilt guild that an organization that service different places in town ( Hospice care facilities, nursing homes, and other types of care facilities) made a urgent request for face masks that are made from fabric.  These really cant be used in intensive care facilities, but can be used as a cover for the hospital masks, which allow the hospital masks to be used longer.  So I knew this was something I can do at home and did not need to go out and buy supplies for. 

After searching the web for instructions, I found a site at several different types of masks.  I made the one that I had the supplies to make.

I plan to make more tomorrow.  This one has a wire in the top so it can be molded to the shape of the nose and also has a pocket on the back where a filter can be inserted.

My daughter brought her four wonderful grandchildren for a visit today.  This did my heart so much good.  She lives directly behind us, and her husband has an office in our basement as he works remotely all the time.  They have not been any where to be exposed, as neither have my husband and I and it was so wonderful to be together again.  We all had lunch together.  It was a wonderful time.

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