Saturday, May 19, 2018

Jacks Chain -Ooooops


 Got up at 4:15 this morning in order to watch the Royal Wedding coverage which started at 4:30.    What better handwork to do while watching the Royal Wedding than some English Paper Piecing?

Here is my Jack'[s Chain top so far, just needing the final border rows.

I pieced the four corner blocks this morning and actually got one of the corners sewn on.  They are kind of odd shaped at this point and was a puzzle to add to the corner.
Corner block sewn on

So the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are now married, and I take my quilt to the guest room to admire my work of the morning.

Oooooops, I had sewn the corner to the side, lol, completely missing the corner.  Plus I already pulled out the papers. 

Oh well, it can be fixed, but daggum (been watching too much Tomater Tales with my grandson) I don't like ripping out EPP!

To make sure this does not happen again, and with me it very well could. I put a clip on each of the corners.

And while I am sharing my goofs, here is Block 1 of a new quilt I am working on.  The block is actually a green print, but the photo shows up here as yellow for some odd reason.  I tried to edit and make it green, but then the back ground turned a green as well.

Anyway this block went together so well, that I made the mistake of telling my friends how forgiving this block is as it is not so noticeable when the points don't exactly line up.


Here is block #2 - my grey block.  Forget what I said about goofs not showing up....having to eat my words and rip my stitches on this one.

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O'Quilts said...

Jack's chain is with the irritating mistake.

---"Love" said...

Your Jack's Chain is beautiful! I would love to make one someday; yours inspired me. ---"Love"

Scrapatches said...

Beautiful Jack's Chain! It is all EPP ... even the Nine Patch Blocks? I have never tried one of these but I have always admired them Sew intricate.

Your green block is very interesting. At first I saw a flower and then I saw a star. I love blocks that form secondary patterns. Looking forward to more of these ... :) Pat

Carole said...

Jack's Chain is lovely! Such a happy quilt! Thanks for sharing your work! Cheers!