Monday, April 30, 2018

Hmmm...really re-thinking the name Happy

Really starting to rethink the name of my Happy quilt. 

I am doing this in a Quilt-As-You-Go method, and I have quilted the first row...which measured 12 1/2" x 60 1/2" prior to quilting and after quilting measured 12" x 58 1/2".


The checkered row is the next row and has not yet been quilted, but look at the difference in lengths. 

Every other row in the quilt is checkered, and I was not going to quilt the checkered row until after I had the rows on either side of the checked row sewn on.  This is going to be interesting!!!

Anyone every had to deal with this situation, I would sure like to know what you did.  I am new to Quilt-As-You-Go techniques, and this one has me stumped.  I posted the picture and question on the Quilt-As-You-Go facebook page, and so far the responses have all said that there will be shrinkage, and I should quilt all the rows before joining them together,  but that is not what I wanted to do.

Oh a happier note, here is my sweet little Lorelai, sitting out in the grass (weeds) this beautiful afternoon.  Now how can I be upset with this little doll to bring me so many smiles?  See that left foot kicked up - she sat with one foot or the other kicked up like that while in the grass. 
And here is Lorelai's big sister - Adeline, out for a spin in the grass in her  car.  She finds joy and fun in everything she does.  Notice the static electric hair do?  Can it get any cuter that this?

And guess what....there is another little girl due to arrive in October.

I am so blessed to have my eleven grandchildren that bring so much happiness in my life.  So what's a little quilt shrinkage when my family is still growing.


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JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Oh they are so sweet - love the little foot. Grandkids are such fun - we have three grandsons and adore every minute!