Monday, February 5, 2018

Pemberley Quilt

I wonder if others get as excited with the start of a new project as I do.  I have been planning this start for a several months now...selecting fabrics and organizing my project notebook.  The object was to start the project in January, and I missed it by a month, but finally the project is underway.  A good friend, Brenda, is also making a Perberley quilt and we plan to keep each other on track throughout this year.    The plan....finish the top this year. 

The fabrics I have selected are primarily from a Sarah Morgan line under Washington Street Studio, a division of P&B Textiles.  Its called Southern Vintage.  I just love the sound of that .  Other fabrics I am using are Moda and a couple of other lines by P & B textiles.  And then there are the random fabrics I pulled from my stash.

I got my sewing basket put together with the applique threads and miscellaneous supplies.

The basket is one we gave out at retreat as our "goody bags."  Two friends, Darlene and Brenda, and I lined the baskets and my husband was drilled the holes in the handles and cut the dowel rods.  The baskets were filled with hand made goodies made by members of my club and a few other little surprises.

 I am using Wonderfil Invasil thread, I believe 80 wt. for the applique.  This is new for me, as I usually just use Coats and Clark 50wt all purpose thread.  I know - not normally an appliquer choice, but it works for me and I like that it does not break easily. 

I did start the applique, just to see how the thread would work, and so far so good.

And so the Pemberley journey begins......


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