Sunday, May 7, 2017

Baby Shower Sunday

Today was a special day at our church.  We had a shower for three of the expectant mom's in our church.  Next month we will do another shower for two more ladies that are having babies.  For those of you who attend big churches, that may not sound so unusual to have 5 babies all due within a couple months of each other, but we attend a very small church.  I think our average attendance on Sunday morning is around 125 or so, maybe a little more recently as the church family is growing.

So I have been working on baby quilts for a few weeks now.  The last three babies born in the church, one of which was my sweet Adeline, I made quilts for.  Now its like I set a precedent that I will make a quilt for new babies born into the church family, which I enjoy doing.  But when you have 5 coming so close together, it can be a challenge.

 First up is a quilt for Lorelai, my granddaughter.  Holding the quilt is Ellen, my daughter. 

This quilt is made of blocks that my mother quilted (solid pastel blocks) and blocks that I made (girls).  Both are hand quilted and I used a quilt as you go method to sew the quilt together.

I think it made a very special quilt to have one made both by Lorelai's great-grandmother and grandmother. 

Next up is a quilt I made for Hudson, the only boy baby being expected at this time.  The quilt is held by his momma, Anna.

I had made a quilt for his brother, Abram, who is now 18 months old.  Abram's quilt is primary colors so I went with the primary color theme again for Hudson.

Our third baby to be honored is Ivy Hosanna. Here is her mom Carolina and her big Sis holding Ivy's quilt.  I have fun with this chevron pattern - had not made one of these before. 

After I got home tonight, I looked through my patterns to come up with quilts for the next two babies.  Their shower is to be the first Sunday of June, so I gotta get busy!

And I will close with a picture of my two lovely daughters - Ellen and Jennie.  I am so blessed to have two very sweet daughters who are fantastic Mom's.  Jennie spearheaded the shower today.


Julie Fukuda said...

Yes, this seems to be the year of the baby quilt. Beware of the time it becomes a "tradition".

Purple Pam said...

WOW! what fun and colorful quilts for your new grandbabies, and more to come. You are blessed with such a nice family.