Saturday, February 4, 2017

2017 RSC Feb 4

I got started on time this month with my RSC 2017.  I was fortunate in that I have a separate bucket for blue/green fabrics as I never could decide whether to put them with the blues or greens.  I decided I would make one block a day and since this is the fourth I have 4 made :)  I have also been working to catch up on my red ones from January sine I got a late start on those.

My sweet husband has been cutting out he 1 inch squares from card stock for me since I am English Paper Piecing these.  I found on Amazon a 1 Inch hole punch so he is pretty happy about that. I am making a Jack's Chain quilt with these and need over 2,700 little squares!
Heres my fabric color chart updated for February.  I cut out enough squares for each day of the month plus 2.  My goal is to make one 9-patch a day, plus a couple of times during the month I will make two.  That way, but the end of the year, I will have enough to make the Jack's Chain quilt. 

Thanks for stopping by,   Teresa


Edith said...

These are so cute, I had to google Jack's Chain quilt, wow, this is going to be one beautiful quilt.

Cathy said...

Fun way to make a Jack's Chain. I made one with navy hexagons and bright nine patches but now I'm working on one in mostly browns and neutrals. I love Jack's Chain quilts!!! Good luck on yours.

Julie Fukuda said...

I just can't think of paper-piecing a nine-patch. Guess I have made too many over the years.

June D said...

Wow. What a project! Will be back to see your progress. 😃