Monday, January 16, 2017

Eli's quilt continues

So here are the blocks in process showing the colors I used.  Its funny, but when I downsized the blocks so they would not take so much memory, the colors dimmed.  They really are quite bright.
7 colors (counting the teal and blue as one color - Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, Red, Purple and Brown
 I laid the quilt out on my design wall to make sure I was getting a good balance of colors.  And of course, I liked it on the design wall, but when looking at this picture I realize I have some shuffling to do.  This is actually sideways as it fits better on my wall that way. 
Swap yellow on bottom  with one of the browns on the row above, move teal over beside the red and yellow above the red.  Have to study picture some more to see if I need to move anything else.
 My "plan" was to do a "quilt as you go" adding a black 1" sashing between the blocks.  But now, looking at them on the design wall, I really like the secondary pattern that is formed when the blocks are next to each other.    I wanted to quilt concentric circles over the blocks, and not sure I can manage the free motion on my domestic machine.  I could just do a grid, but I really like the idea of circles.
What would you do ?????????
Gonna set it aside for a bit and think about it.


Julie Fukuda said...

The colors look like they are almost floating above the black and white blocks. I made a quilt with lots of blocks I had planned to sew together directly and they looked so good laid out that way, but I chickened out and added sashing because the thought of getting all those seams to lie flat was too daunting. I think with machine piecing the seams get ironed into place and can't be changed.

jann said...

i love it without the sashing...for me, that would breck up the design and detract from the colors. Concentric circles can be done on a home machine without freemotion. I used a regular walking foot and offset my beginning circle. When i reached the point that the bulk of the quilt needed to go through the harp, I didn't have to to a complete circle. You might want to consider several circles,,,that would also help with the bulk.