Friday, August 28, 2015

Patchwork of the Crosses update

Two rows completed with borders.
I have all the blocks made and have decided to add the borders as I go. Border is English Paper Pieced as well, and I am loving the way everything "fits" and lays flat, not always the case with my machine piecing. Who am I kidding, it's seldom the case with my machine piecing, unless it's machine paper fundation piecing.
I am pleased with the red sashing, red is becoming my new neutral. The block borders are scrappy shirtings.
This is a long shot across my design wall, and below is a close up. The pesty white like is the pull cord for my light that I keep forgetting to pin out of the way.

I have started the process of hand quilting another EPP project that I have been putting off quilting until retirement. Retirement is here and time at last to finish this quilt.
Doing the Baptist Fan pattern and for once tracing the pattern on to the top before basting the sandwich together. This was one of my Mom's favorite patterns to hand quilt. She used a cardboard strip she cut holes in and a pencil to mark her fans, and quilted on a quilt frame that hung from the ceiling in her living room. She let me quilt on a few of her quilts with her, but I have a feeling she ripped out my stitches when I left. I do remember her look when I called it a Baptist Fan, no she would say. It's a fan pattern, not a Baptist Fan, hahaha. Her faith background was Catholic and Methodist - no way would she do a Baptist anything. Didn't help matters that I am a Baptist!
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Julie Fukuda said...

I like the way your crosses are going together. I must say that though I did not paper piece mine, it also lies flat. Kind of amazing because those pieces were fussy-cut and no attention was made to which way the grain of the fabric went. Maybe that is a reason it works so well. I think your setting is just stunning.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Just just LOVE your POTC. I want to do one, but I want to use repros ... it's been hard to find POTCs using such fabrics. Seeing yours, I am inspired to go ahead with my plan! I LOVE yours!!

Purple Pam said...

You are making good progress on your crosses. Cute pix of the grandchildren.