Sunday, October 7, 2012

Perle Cotton Thread - I want my DMC back!

I know I have been away for awhile, but been extremely busy with preparing for teaching and trying to finish up projects for our guild's quilt show.  Ok...enough excuses.  But I have not even had time to read blogs, and I miss that. I will catch up soon and see what all of you have been up to.

But today, I want to complain about how Hobby Lobby has switched from DMC Perle cotton to some off brand called Artiste.   I had to purchase some #5 Perle for kits I am preparing for a Make-It Take-It demo at our upcoming guild show.   I hurridly went into HL to get the floss I needed, and thought it seemed smaller than usual, but in my haste I just looked at color and made sure it was #5 Perle.  It was hanging with the DMC embroidery floss - so I thought that was what it was. It was not until I got home, and started preparing the kits did I realize the difference.

 The floss on the left is the Artiste brand and on the right is DMC that I purchased about a month ago at Hobby Lobby.  You can obviously see the difference. 

I have not workded with the Artiste thread yet, so it may stitch ok, but just from the feel of it I don't think it is of the same quality as the DMC.

 Next you have to consider the price.  Yes, the Artiste is "cheaper" selling for $1.29 and the DMC for $1.79; BUT the Artiste is only 15.3 yards where as the DMC is 27.3 yards.
I did the math, the Artiste is $.084 per yard and the DMC is $.065 per yard!

This is exactly what the grocery stores are doing in the packaging - making it appear to be a bargain, but when you read the lable, you discover it is actually costing you more.

I am really surprised at Hobby Lobby!  I intend to write their Customer Dis-service Department this afternoon, as I know it does no good to complain at the store - they just say, "Headquarters" makes all those decisions.

I guess I will be buying my thread at Michaels now, as the last time I checked they still carry DMC.  The closest quilt shop or Joannes is about 20 miles away - too far to drive to just pick up some thread.

OK - enough of my rant.  Hope to have a more fun topic to talk about soon. 


Julie Fukuda said...

Each time I go shopping for something I have always bought, at the place I have always bought it, I wonder if that will be my last chance to find it there. Sometimes I think the store would rather have stock of something no one buys,r than keep running out of something popular.

Carrie P. said...

what a rip off.i would be upset too.

Maddog Noriko said...

Little late now but the Artiste was more fuzzy. Now HL doesn't carry either.