Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Houston or bust!

And we are off!!  finally the day arrived for my husband and I to travel to Houston for the International Quilt Festival.  I have been looking forward to this trip since May, when I found out my quilt would be in a special exhibit at the show. 

This is Monday morning, and we don't check into the Houston hotel until Wednesday, but we are taking the scenic route.....
A beautiful bridge in Alabama.  I am taking these though my car window, which really could have used a washing.  My camera is an ipad and I think it takes pretty good pictures.

We were to cross many high and beautiful bridges.

Our first night was spent in Mobile, Alabama.  We had a good start to our trip and were very ready for a night of rest.
On Tuesday we set out for New Orleans, but had to take Hwy 90 along the Gulf of Mexico.  I just love the Gulf and would love to spend a week or more sometime in this area. 

Here are two pictures taken at the Gulfport area. 

We were on vacation in this spot the summer before Katrina and it was so sad to see many of the beautiful homes  that we remembered from before were gone, all that was left was a "land for sale" sign.

We did eventually make it to the French Quarter in New Orleans and proceeded to get completely lost!  Roads were blocked and under repair, and we kept getting turned around. The streets were totally clogged with service vehicles, construction work and I was supposed to be navigating us through this narrow little maze.

At one point, I was using the car navigation system, my husband's Garmen GPS, the maps program on my ipad AND the paper map they gave us at the visitor's center - and I still did not know where the heck we were.  So we just headed towards I10W and for Houston.  I don't think I will be going back to New Orleans, unescorted, ever again.

By sundown, we were drawing near Houston and were treated to a beautiful sunset against the skyline.  Unfortunately this picture is not even close to the beautiful view. 

While taking this picture, I , the navigator, missed a very important turn and we ended up once again, a little lost (we call it taking the scenic route.)   But we got through and found a hotel west of Houston - as our journey continues on....

Tomorrow we skip on over to San Antonio to see a member of my husband's family and then back to Houston where we will settle in for a few days to enjoy the show.  Three days in one location without having to get back into the car sounds pretty good to me right now.


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