Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day Fun...

So what did you do today in the snow?  Go walking and shake the snow off trees like we did as kids, take pictures of the snow, make snowmen or snowangels or maybe go sledding?  NOT ME - I enjoy the snow from the window.  I took advantage of a snow day from work to prep an applique project I have been wanting to get started.  I think I watched 5 episodes of Golden Girls after I got tired of the weather reports over and over again. 

So here is what I accomplished:

This is my pattern - Cottage Grove by the Quilt Company.  I am using the Fancy Hill Farm fabric by Robyn Randolph in reds and greens for my quilt.  I did have to add a few greens to get enough for the leaves, but for the most part, all the fabric will be from this collection.

I prep my applique pieces with freezer paper.  Cutting each shape out of the paper, and then placing the paper on the back side of the fabric with the shiny side up. Using a mini iron, I fold the fabric over the paper, ironing it down so it sticks.  Here is the finished leaf, all edges neatly turned under and ready to applique down.  The pattern calls for these to be fused down, but I prefer needle turned so no raw edges.

This is the block I will work on first.  The pieces are just lying against the background fabric.  I also made a bunch of 1/2 inch bias strips to use as the stems and and vines in the borders.

For the quilt, I had to prep 80 leaves, 8 big flowers, 2 small flowers, 8 rosebuds and circles for all.  It took me all morning, but was so much fun working on this while watching the snow falling outside my window.

This project will go with me to retreat on Thursday.  I can't wait!!!!

Hope you have had a good day,


Gnomemade said...

Looks like it will be a beautiful quilt - as all of yours are! Glad to see you enjoyed the snow day.

Marj said...

That is a pretty quilt and it looks like you are off to a great start. Tomorrow looks like we will be quilting again, as it will be cold and icy.

Jackie said...

I think your quilt is going to be beautiful in the colors you've chosen!

No snow here (I'm in Florida). It rained all day though and the skies were gray.

Julie Fukuda said...

Love it so far!
Yippee for a snow day!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Love, love, love snow days! I'm having one today!! Your block is going to be great; happy retreat to you, can't wait to see the productive results.

Beginning Quilting said...

I love that pattern! It's so pretty. Reminds me of what my Grandma would quilt. :)

Carrie P. said...

those mini irons are the greatest invention for applique.