Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Circus Stars - Connecting Blocks

This is the third and final process post for the circus stars and is how I connect the blocks as well as the rows.

So here we have the two blocks.  The object being to join the blocks so that the point is smooth and not jagged where the blocks meet.  Easy?  No.

First, you have to match up the points.  Once again, I place a pin in the points of each block to line up where the stars will meet.  Sometimes this hits at a 1/4" seam line, and sometimes I have to adjust - well, most times I have to adjust.
Then I place pins just to the right of the points.  It is important to sew right across the cross-hairs where the seam cross.
Then you open it up and peek....hmmm, I kind of missed the mark this time.   So out comes my Faithful Ripping Out Gadget (FROG) and I rippit, rippit, rippit.
And if at first you don't succeed - you try, try again.  I like to press the seams open.  Ahh, this is much better.   And you continue along the row joining blocks, and then the same process to join rows together.

Much against my  best resolutions to finish this quilt before starting another bed quilt project, I have started a Triple Irish Chain.  I have always wanted to make one of these, and I will be teaching my Stitchin Friends group this process next week, so of course, I had to make up my blocks to get ready for the class. After all, you can't teach something you haven't done, right?  So here is my mockup of my quilt - I am using the scraps from my Be Attitudes blocks.  I did buy the outer yellow border fabric, but most of the rest is coming from my stash.  I just love these fabrics.  And, I was good...once I finished enough blocks to teach my class, I put the project away and picked my Circus Stars back up.
I have also been working on some hand quilting of another spools wall hanging and Block 5 of the Gifts of Grace.

So, I am not finishing anything...but I sure am having fun!  What are you working on these days?

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Lovely works in progress... thanks for sharing~